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Bonnie Says: Palin Pulls A Bait & Switch! No Gosselins This Week, But She Blasts Caribou!

Mon, December 6, 2010 10:29am EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of TLC
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Don’t mess with pistol-packing Palin.

She proved she can sustain her family by hunting to fill her freezer! When Sarah Palin heads out into the Alaska wilderness with her dad Heath, 72, for a serious meat-hunting trip, it’s no hop, skip and car ride. As she’s shown us in other episodes of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, native Alaskans hop into bush planes like we pull SUVs out of the driveway.

This time Sarah, her dad and a family friend flew into the tundra, dressed in camouflage gear, armed themselves with rifles and prepared to protect themselves from bears — which are a wilderness hazard in the Alaskan wild.

First stop: the Kavik River camp — 250 miles north of Wasilla and “manned” by a solo woman, Sue Akens, who lives year-round alone and who Sarah describes as “encapsulating, Alaskan spirit — pioneering, independent, not looking for anybody else to meet challenges for her.”

If you thought Sarah was tough, she’s a wuss next to Sue who really has tussled a bear herself and has scars to prove it. She even has to sew up her own wounds!

From Kavik, it’s more piper plane rides — oh, daughter Piper is named after the plane — to the actually caribou-hunting spot.

Sarah can’t wait! “Let’s go find those puppies,” she says.

In scenes sure to warm the hearts of NRA members and Ted Nugent — who Sarah gives a shout-out to — Sarah, her dad and friend Becker sleep with their guns and stalk their prey.

I have nothing against hunting for food and Sarah finally bags a “cow” — a female caribou — but the show is light in logistical details. Like how the heck did they haul that caribou back to their base camp and then home? It was heavy meat! Also darn expensive meat. Filling your freezer is a complicated and multiple plane ride expensive affair. Pound for pound, that caribou had to be as costly as French fois gras.

Then, in case you were totally clueless and missed Sarah’s Presidential campaign message, her Alaskan upbringing has given her the desire to be “tough and self sufficient” and you should be too!

Can I also point out that Sarah, as always, looks darn good in her hunting gear? Not a hair or bit of makeup out of place. Now that’s a rare talent!

“Tundra is the kind of landscape that makes a man out of anyone,” Kavik’s Sue Akens tells an approving Sarah.

We get it — Sarah may be a woman in her “Girls with Guns” hat but she’s more of a man than you wussy democratic elitists who wouldn’t dare to face down caribou and shoot them for dinner!

Got it? You betcha!

— Bonnie Fuller