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Poor Justin Bieber Was Cyber Bullied, But At Least He Has A Cool New Mustache!

Fri, December 3, 2010 9:30am EDT by 6 Comments

Some jerk hacked Biebs’ Wikipedia page, but he and his pencil-thin ‘stache got the last laugh!

It’s definitely time to record a “leave Justin Bieber alone” video. (Where’s Chris Crocker when you need him?) Some disturbed individual hacked into Justin’s Wikipedia page Dec. 2, updating it to read: “Justin Bieber is a squirrel in a blender. He is gay” (first noticed by As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing worse than an insult that’s both offensive and un-clever, and this attack on Justin, 16, is certainly both of those things. Fortunately, he — and his awesome new facial hair — were unfazed by the bullying.

Yes, that’s right, our beloved Biebs has himself a little mustache. While out to dinner at London’s super exclusive La Porte Indes restaurant, Justin had some fun with a marker, emerging from the eatery looking less like a teen idol… and more like John Waters!

— Andy Swift