Kate & Jon's Bitter Holiday Feud — Kate's Forbidding Jon From Seeing Kids!

Fri, December 3, 2010 1:37pm EST by 14 Comments

Courtesy of TLC

EXCLUSIVE! Kate went on the Today show and said she and Jon never fight over who gets the kids for the holidays — but an insider tells HollyBaby that’s not true!

Kate Gosselin is trying so hard to tell the world that all is well with her family life, but HollyBaby can reveal that she lied twice when being interviewed by Meredith Vieira on the Today show on Thursday (Dec. 2)! We’ve already told you that Kate lied when she said that her children were not expelled from their private school. Now we can tell HollyMoms that she wasn’t being truthful when she claimed she and her ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, never fight about who gets custody of their eight kids over the holidays. An insider tells HollyBaby exclusively that Jon and Kate are in the midst of bitter battle over who gets the children this New Year’s Day.

“She called Jon up and said she wants to film the kids for Kate Plus 8,” says our source. “He’s so upset and told her ‘no’ but she said, ‘Too bad!'”

The Gosselin kids ruin Christmas for their classmates, telling them Santa is a lie

According to our insider, the custody arrangement between Jon and Kate is set up so that every other year one parent gets the eight kids on the actual holiday. This year, Kate gets to see her kiddies on the actual day and Jon sees them the day or two after. For instance, this past Thanksgiving Jon saw the children the day after Turkey Day. But he is supposed to get the children on New Year’s Day — and Kate wants to put an end to that.

Kate Gosselin forces her kids to take stale food to school!

From what we know of Kate, she always gets her way.

— Elizabeth Murphy

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Posted at 12:22 AM on December 5, 2010  

Why is it the Kate haters are up in arms every time Kate makes any comment about the kids or what is going with the family, but you are A-OK with The Insider revealing all this private information? Come on, we all know who The Insider is. Double-standard, much?

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Posted at 6:46 AM on December 4, 2010  

Oh!boy when the truth comes out about Kate Gosselin her fans goes crazy,and accuse people of lying..I’m wondering 10 years from now if one of the children will spill the beans on their mom???

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Posted at 10:41 AM on December 4, 2010  

And when the kids do start spilling the beans, will the crazy Kate fans accuse them of lying?

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Posted at 7:46 PM on December 29, 2010  

The more I read about Kate, I start to think of the Actress Joan Crawford…To me Kate does not deserve the children ona full time basis. She seems to be too focused on the money thanthe welfare of her family. But then again does she really know what it is to be a family considering that she has disowned her family. From the various sources,she looks at her family to give her everything andon her terms. I know that most people would be thankful for their fathers asking the parish for help. When the Parish donated cribs,clothing and other items, Kate was upset cause they didn’t match. She actually wanted her dad to go back to the Parish and ask for Cash. Do you think that this is a sign of appreciation for all the help? I do wonder what is going to happen when she her show is cancelle. Is she going to make the transition to anormalMother gracefully or bitterly. Escpecially when the additional assistane she is receiving from the TV Crew and Nanny… I honestly do not understand why Jon is paying such an excessive amount of Child Support when his incomeis dramatically lower and per Kate in the past years the reason for the show is to provide for the children. Lets be honest everyone doesn’t act there best every time but it appears that she doesn’t understand that you have to try each day not once in a while.

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Posted at 1:18 AM on December 4, 2010  

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I seem to recall Kate making a statement on the last season of J&K+8 (was it the 4th of July episode?) that she would NEVER spend a holiday without her kids, NEVER miss a holiday with the kids, swears she will do whatever it takes to be with the kids on EVERY holiday….which is why Jon was at the house for the BBQ (he was doing the grilling, Kate made some kind of salads, Jon barely aknowledged her when she asked him if he wanted to make his own plate or should she make it for him). It’s always her way or umm, well HER WAY! Wouldn’t it be more fair to the kids if they spent every other holiday with each parent…meaning, since Kate had them for Thanksgiving this year, Jon should get them for Christmas this year, Kate have them for New Years Day, Jon have them for Easter, etc etc etc. Then next year, switch (Jon gets them for Thanksgiving and Kate gets them for Christmas, Jon gets them for New Years, Kate gets them for Easter). That’s the way most courts order it and it works. This gives the kids a chance to create memories with BOTH parents instead of mommy always getting first dibs and daddy getting the day after.

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This is TRUTH.

Posted at 8:52 PM on December 3, 2010  

Jon NEVER has the kids on the holidays. He always gets the the DAY AFTER.

This story is completely true. It’s Kate’s way or the highway.

Can YOU name the last time the kids spent a holiday with Jon? It’s always a day or two BEFORE or AFTER. Never during the day it happens. This includes birthdays.

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Posted at 8:17 PM on December 3, 2010  

Filming is priority #1. Sure sounds like Kate. That picture is so creepy.

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Posted at 8:14 PM on December 3, 2010  

Everyone knows this lying, child abusing, fame ho is always bitchin about something. If you Kate worshippers can’t see what’s right in front of you, you’re as stupid as they come. Or you see nothing wrong with making money off of your poor kids. If she didn’t have them bringing in the viewers, she’d have nothing!! Who wants to hear her screeching yap every week? Poor kids.

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Posted at 5:25 PM on December 3, 2010  

Lies & More Lies,

Nothing this site has posted has been lies.
The truth hurts the Kate fans because they want to believe she is beyond reproach.

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Lies & More Lies

Posted at 3:26 PM on December 3, 2010  

Bonnie your site is getting more pathetic every day. You make up such lies! Even Jon has said everything is fine between him and Kate. Everything went smoothly for Thanksgiving. How you allow this type of post on your own site? You and other haters are the ones making Kate Gosselin look bad. There is absolutely NO TRUTH to this story. Weren’t you the one that started that lie with the old sandwiches?

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Posted at 8:16 PM on December 3, 2010  

If this site is pathetic to you, find another one to read! Every negative thing said about this woman is right in front of your eyes to see! What is so hard to get about that?!?!?!

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Posted at 2:42 PM on December 3, 2010  

The way you keep posting stuff about these kids is child abuse. Let it go already.

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Posted at 9:31 PM on December 3, 2010  

This site is not contributing to child abuse, it’s exposing it! The only one that is guilty of child abuse is Kate. It’s obvious she only sees them as dollar signs. Let Jon have them, he was always a better father than Kate was a mother. Like the Teen Mom show with the mom had her daughter taken away, eventually it will happen to Kate, surprised it hasn’t already. It most definetely should. She has very obvious mental problems and needs help. Who knows, maybe it’s already been investigated and that’s why it’s always nannies taking care of the kids and kate’s always gone. Maybe the bodyguard is for the kids so Kate doesn’t emotionally damage them even more. However, they should be with Jon.

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Posted at 8:18 AM on December 5, 2010  

Excellent post, “CommonSense!”

You’re RIGHT! Purse-Boy-Umbrella-Carrying-Steve Neild is NO bodyguard. He’s a TLC highly paid employee hired to control Kate’s irrational rage and hopefully prevent her from seriously damaging TLC’s tiny-money-making Gosselin 8.

Kate Gosselin is a full-fledged Narcissist. People with Narcissistic Personality Disorder cannot be cured. Rarely can they even be treated. Jon needs to fight for permanent primary custody to save his children from Kate’s greedy, grifting control.

Please help FREE the eight innocent children from Kate and TLC’s forced servitude. Totally boycott “Kate Plus 8″ and the entire immoral TLC Network!

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