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Good News, Pink! An Expert Says Your Pregnancy Hormone Moods Will Calm Down Soon!

Wed, December 1, 2010 9:00am EDT by Add first Comment


Mom-to-be Pink complained earlier this week that she has been grumpy and having mean mood swings, but a doctor tells HollyBaby that now that she’s past her first trimester, her problems will improve!

Pink, 31, has been one crazy mommy-to-be so far during her pregnancy. She’s been having mood swings and even admitted, “I got into a fight at Bed Bath and Beyond,” during an interview with Access Hollywood‘s Bill Bush. “I have the rage!”

“There was this man, and he was very rude. Something about Bed Bath and Beyond brings out the worst in people,” she joked. “This man wanted a parking spot and he honked at me and he was literally an inch from my ear drum … I [went over to his car] and he acted like he couldn’t see me, and then he acted like he couldn’t speak any English.”

Pink has picked out the name Jameson if she has a baby boy!

“I think he realized I was going to kill him!” Pink laughed. “And the poor bag boy [who] was helping me with my stuff wanted to be invisible.”

“I don’t really know where I’m at [with my mood swings],” Pink told Billy. “It changes hourly — a can and a half [of crazy]!”

Pink is learning to cook now that she’s eating for two!

But thank goodness for Pink, and especially her husband Carey Hart‘s sake, her mood swings shouldn’t last too much longer. Pregnancy hormones can cause pregnant women to experience feelings of elation and anxiety (often over the type of parent they will become), fertility expert Dr. Batzofin tells “[But they will stop] typically at the end of the first trimester or 12 weeks.”

Pink plans to take her baby road trippin’ on her bus!

Right now, Dr. Batzofin suggests that Carey, 35, just hold on. “Be supportive, nurturing and reassuring,” he suggests. “Pregnancy can be a time of great vulnerability and a woman needs to feel comfortable that her husband is happy and proud and delighted at the prospect of enlarging the family.”

–Lindsey DiMattina

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