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If Britney Spears Is In An Abusive Relationship, Are Her Two Sons In Danger?

Wed, December 1, 2010 5:08pm EDT by Add first Comment

If the reports of Jason’s alleged abuse of Britney are true, her sons could be suffering just as much as their mother!

When we read the report today that Britney Spears is allegedly in an abusive relationship with boyfriend Jason Trawick our first thought was, what about her kids? What affect could their mom being in a toxic relationship be having on her sons, Sean, 5, and Jayden, 4 — are they in danger, too? We asked the experts.

Witnessing abuse as a young child can often times be just as traumatic as suffering the abuse itself. The fact that the children, who are both helpless at such a young age, might have seen their mother experiencing any sort of physical or emotional abuse could have severe, long-term effects.

Dr. Jeffrey Gardere, psychologist and contributor to, tells, “When you witness your mother being abused, it has a incredibly negative effect on your mental health and puts you at risk of being an abuser when you grow up.”

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As for whether the children are actually at physical risk if the reports about Jason Trawick are true, Gardere says, “Abuse is generally across the board, but I do not know this specific situation and hopefully, since these aren’t his children, [Jason] has the presence of mind to not be abusing the children.”

Luckily for Sean and Jayden, they split their time with father, Kevin Federline, and seem to almost always be surrounded by a sea of people from Britney’s team, greatly decreasing the likelihood they would be in any physical danger. Even when the two went on tour with their mother, dad Kevin accompanied them.

Britney allegedly suffered this abuse from Jason in October 2010 and spoke in detail about it with former husband and hometown friend Jason Alexander. The singer was reportedly spotted with a black eye on Oct. 19, 2010, but there is no direct correlation between these allegations and that occurrence.

Britney’s manager Larry Rudolph has called the claims of abuse false, saying, “This is 100 percent not true.”

We hope for the sake of Britney and her kids that her manager is right.

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