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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: How To Make Yourself More Approachable To Men, Like Kim Needs To Be!

Tue, November 30, 2010 12:39pm EDT by 1 Comment

Kim Kardashian says she rarely gets asked out on dates — and it’s because she’s totally intimidating!

Kim Kardashian has it all — wealth, fame, beauty — but she STILL has as many problems finding a man as the rest of us do! But what makes the reality starlet so unapproachable — and how does she fix her problem?

Although the Kardashian Konfidential star admitted to being “a loner” on the Today show, I’m not buying it. There is nothing about the 30-year-old sexpot — from constantly being surrounded by friends, family, TV crews and long-term boyfriends — that says “I just want to be alone.” No, Kim has an entirely different problem — she’s TOO successful, TOO beautiful and TOO surrounded by people — she’s TOO intimidating!

You heard me right. Kim is unapproachable because any man who wants to date her — and I know there are millions — will have to suffer an unbelievable blow if she rejects them. Trust me, no man wants to be rejected and therefore would rather risk humiliation than score a dream date.

So how does Kim — and how do WE — make ourselves more approachable to men? Here are some helpful tips for you, HollywoodLifers!

  • DONT’T TRAVEL IN PACKS. Would you want to introduce yourself to the man of your dreams if he was surrounded by his buddies? Right — and he feels the same way!
  • DITCH THE MAKEUP. It might make you look and feel gorgeous, but most men prefer natural beauty — and to not have your foundation on their face when they kiss you goodbye.
  • DON’T REVEAL ALL YOUR ASSETS. If you’ve got a good butt, showcase that — but don’t dress TOO provocatively. You want to hint at your latent sexiness — not freak him out by being a full-on sex kitten!
  • SMILE. There’s nothing that says ‘talk to me’ like a friendly face!


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