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Kim Kardashian Finds Way to Flush Credibility Down Toilet — Literally

Wed, November 24, 2010 1:37pm EDT by HL Intern 3 Comments

Use all the scatological and potty humor (see above) you’d like to denigrate Kim K’s latest adventure in shilling — but Ms. Kardashian is the one who will be wiping herself with dollar bills from Charmin. Lots of ’em.

Most of the Internet is all snark and slam towards Kim Kardashian for lending her face, voice, and, presumably, hindquarters to Charmin’s annual opening of their public toilets in New York’s Times Square. Well, guess what — Kim (herself quite squeezably soft) doesn’t really care.

According to Kim, she’s happy to be the face of Charmin’s public loos — and it’s all because of her little nephew Mason.  “Last week… my sister, Kourtney, and I went to go shopping, and we took Mason out. It was such a nightmare. We wish there was…a restroom facility like this which would have made it so much easier, because it’s so spacious. We couldn’t find a restroom with a changing table. Thank God for Charmin.”

Kim — we’re with you. Anyone who has snaked through the lobby of a hotel in Midtown Manhattan hotel with a bulging bladder, only to have that yellow “NOT IN USE” thing block their way can sympathize.