'16 & Pregnant' Afterthoughts: Aubrey — Finally A Teen Mom With Her Act Together!

Wed, November 24, 2010 12:18am EST by 11 Comments

Do you think Aubrey and Brandon will make good parents? Read on & vote!

The Nov. 23 episode if 16 and Pregnant introduced us to Aubrey, whose parents got divorced when she was younger. This led to her moving around a lot with her mother until she eventually fell in love with her older boyfriend, Brandon. The two young lovebirds moved in with each other and lived happily ever after… No, wait. I’m confusing this week’s episode with another story. What really happened was: They couldn’t pay the bills, so Aubrey’s granny took them in, since Aubrey’s mother was already living with a boyfriend. And that’s where this story begins…

Aubrey became 16 and pregnant — and equipped with lofty goals! She wanted to get her GED, get married AND move out of her grandmother’s house. Well, Brandon and Aubrey DID get married… so I guess one out of three isn’t bad. G-ma and the rest of the fam pressed both children — I mean, parents-to-be — to get their acts together, since they were both in severe financial debt. (Question: Who signed these kids up for a credit card?) Anyway, Brandon struggled to find a job, eventually landing one as a security guard at the local mall. Even with a baby boy just around the corner, the two were still shackin’ up with granny. They barely had enough money to support themselves, let alone get a place of their own.

Aubrey finally gave birth to Austin Carter, and the new trio lived…where? I’ll give you three guesses! Oh, you only needed one? Yup, Granny’s house! Aubrey’s grandmother let them stay for a few more months until the two could afford a place. That and Aubrey got sick of staying home with the kid.

Despite Brandon wanting Aubrey to be a stay-at-home mom, she went on an interview for a position at a pizzeria. She got the job and Brandon was just fine with it because her schedule could be adjusted to match his. Great.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see if a mall security guard and a pizzeria girl can pull together to pay off those bill collectors and move out of G-ma’s house!

Here’s what you need to know about Aubrey:

  1. Will she be a good mom? Aubrey will be the best mom she can be. You can already see how much she cares for Austin. At first, she seemed unrealistic and delusional. I’m not going to lie, between her irrational goals and her inability to recognize the seriousness of her financial debt, I thought this one was going to be a train wreck. She assumed everything would be just dandy. But once reality set in, she took some matters into her own hands. She took responsibility for Austin, and didn’t place the burden of motherhood onto anyone else in her family. In this episode, there is a clear progression of a 16-year-old girl into a mother.
  2. What’s her family like? Her family seems like they didn’t want much to do with her. Her mother wasn’t around at all. She wasn’t there for Aubrey when she got married, or when she gave birth. I mean, aren’t those maybe, like, the two biggest milestones in a young girls life? Her Aunt was planning on attending the wedding but was so concerned about Aubrey’s nonchalant attitude towards motherhood and marriage, that she decided not to go. It was clear that Aubrey could always count on her grandmother. She was there for Aubrey through it all.
  3. How’s the baby daddy? Brandon seems like he is ready to take on the responsibility of being a father AND a husband. Even when things got real, he was right there next to Aubrey. One thing is for sure, they both need to get their finances in order if they ever want to stand on own their two feet. Besides that, I have to hand it to Brandon… he seems levelheaded, calm and collected. Even though he didn’t want Aubrey to get a job, he took a step back and saw things from Aubrey’s perspective. Willing to change is a sure sign of maturity. Nicely done Brandon… now pay them bills!
  4. How crazy is everyone? This 16 and Pregnant couple seemed completely ignorant to the harsh reality of having a child. But, they went with it and learned along the way. Aubrey’s family could be there for her a little more. Aubrey’s mother should take notes from Grandma. Or, Lets just say Aubrey should learn how to be a mom from her Grandmother. But, Brandon and Aubrey seem to be dealing with the new role of parenting very well. I think it will be interesting to see how their relationship progresses, as Austin will continue to change both parents’ lives in different ways.

–Alanna Finn

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Ryan Wooten

Posted at 7:41 PM on June 26, 2011  

Anne you are absolutely right-I know she is on some sort of substance, I have been clean for seven years and am happily married since but my history with it I can clearly see she is “out there” on something, seriously. The dad deserves Complete and Full custody and I don’t say that usually, in her case-Time Bomb… Let the child feel love-go to dad!

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Posted at 10:04 PM on June 21, 2011  

Did you watch the update show tonight? Aubrey appears to be a foul-mouthed, substance abuser. I think this is probably what Catelynn’s Mom was like when she was younger. I hope Austin goes to live with his Dad.

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Posted at 10:06 PM on June 24, 2011  

My thoughts exactly! I had just finished watching the episode I recorded. Really….contemplating becoming a stripper and dancing on pool tables. Grow up your a freaking mom.

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Ryan Wooten

Posted at 7:44 PM on June 26, 2011  

What about when she said- “Well it doesn’t matter bc I have FULL custody of him” Then she said FU** RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE BABY!

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Posted at 2:10 AM on December 6, 2010  

The only thing I would like to know is, this show is supposed to show young girls the effects to getting pregnant at a young age and the struggles people go through. I want to know how many seasons they’re going to go through until someone actually get’s the point? Obviously these new girls on 16& Pregnant didn’t learn anything from the last seasons. I feel sorry for them, I really do. I just hope everyone of them the best of luck.

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Posted at 3:17 PM on November 24, 2010  

Are you all delusional!!! This girl can’t even pass her GED how is she ever going to raise a child? I am so tired of this show glorifying teen parents. Teen mom needs to be canceled and replaced by a show on how to be a positive, wage-earning, tax-paying part of society rather than a show teaching our teens how to get on a one way street to wellfare.

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Posted at 2:30 PM on November 24, 2010  

You have to be jk! That whole episode was a trainwreck. They are struggling to pay any of their bills and the baby daddy runs out and blows $100 on a “gold sifting” kit! Way to show teens that “you can make it as a teenage parent!”

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Posted at 10:09 AM on November 24, 2010  

Perhaps you missed where Brandson told her ‘to stop crying it’s getting on my nerves’ yeah real classy guy

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Posted at 7:45 AM on November 24, 2010  

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Posted at 3:18 PM on November 24, 2010  

Oh that’s great, not only are they terrible mothers but let’s turn them into prostitutes too! Can’t wait to see you’re addition to society.

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Posted at 11:37 PM on November 25, 2010  


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