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Katy Perry, Pink & Taylor: Why Did Everyone Sound So Funky At The AMAs? Insiders Tell All! Exclusive!

Tue, November 23, 2010 1:45pm EDT by 1 Comment
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Getty Images

The AMA’s were jam packed with explosive performances. However there was one thing not explosive about them…the vocals. Experts tell us what went wrong!

Was it just us, or did everyone sound off at the AMA’s Nov. 21? Even powerhouse voices like Pink and Christina Aguilera sounded less than their usual belting selves. What gives?

Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry seemed to noticeably struggle with their performances at the American Music Awards on Sunday. We would ignore the flat notes if it weren’t for the fact that everyone warbled shakily through their songs. We spoke to music industry experts and got some theories behind the mediocre AMA night.

“Since so many people had issues [at the AMA’s], I would say it had to do with their monitors, those ear pieces you see singers use to hear themselves on stage,” one music industry source tells us. “They probably all heard themselves on the right pitch, so whoever was doing the main sound for their monitors was in error.”

Sounds like someone should be getting fired, because one bad vocal performance at an award show is normal, if not expected. But four or five? We can only wince so much before it starts hurting our cheeks.  However, before pink slips start getting handed out, we went to another source for a second opinion.

“Without a doubt it was the cold weather that affected their vocals,” the source says. “They all should have been treated like they were in a studio and [given] hot tea before their performances, but the amount of time on the red carpet in that cold weather drastically affected their vocals.”

Most of us in L.A. don’t do well in colder than average weather, so we accept this excuse. However, do YOU accept it as fans of these artists?

–Jenna Mullins