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Russ Says: Disney's New Animated Film Not A Tangled Mess, But Not Disney's Best!

Tue, November 23, 2010 7:45pm EDT by Russ Weakland 1 Comment

My prediction: If you have tons of children or younger siblings, they’ll love every minute of Disney’s Tangled!

The best thing about a Disney movie is that you can embark on a hour and a half of your life doused with comedy, imagination and few fun songs to sing while you are digesting your refillable popcorn. However, as cute as Tangled is, it might not have enough laughs and memorable songs to bring your kids to the theater multiple times!

Tangled tells the age old story of Rapunzel with a bit of a twist. A wicked old lady steals Rapunzel and uses her hair’s healing powers to make her young. She keeps the beautiful girl in the tower so that Rapunzel doesn’t go home and realize the truth about her magical hair and family. However, Rapunzel is an unruly teenager now and is ready to break out of the tower, which she does thanks to an unlikely hero by the name of Flynn.

Here are a few unspoiled highlights to get your hair tangled up in…

* Mandy Moore pulls off her best Taylor Swift impersonation, by belting out one of the main songs, “When Will My Life Begin,” based on her peril of always being locked out from the real world.

* Though he has very limited amount of screen time, make sure to look out for the old cupid inspired drunk old man at the bar – he’s the funniest thing you’ll see in film all year!

* Tangled is Disney’s 50th animated feature, this in itself is a milestone — be a part of history!

* If you are a fan of the consistent animated animal humor Disney always explores, you will fall in love with the hero Flynn’s horse, Maximus, who is a constant foil in everything that Flynn tries to achieve. He steals the show with his over the top personality!

Bottom line:

Will you enjoy Tangled? It is in no way a hairtastrophe, so if you’re ready for an animated film that brings back the original style of Disney animation, then the kid in me gives it three out of five hair extensions!

Russ Weakland


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