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Leading Astrologer Reveals: April 29 for Kate & William's Wedding Means They're Meant to Last! 'It'll Be Electric!'

Tue, November 23, 2010 5:23pm EDT by HL Intern 2 Comments

It may be no coincidence that Prince William and Kate Middleton chose April 29, 2011 for their royal wedding at Westminster Abbey: It’s an astrological jackpot for a solid marriage and festive celebration!

“Princess Diana used an astrologer in her life,” New York astrologer Diana Brownstone tells “I’m sure the couple consulted with one as well before planning out their important date!”

Diana says that on the evening of April 29, the planets are in a stellium — meaning they are all lined up in the same sign of Aries, something that is very rare, but very lucky!

“Aries represents new beginnings and youth,” says Diana. “It’s a very strong day.”

Diana also explains that the alignment of Venus and Saturn shows STRONG permanency and STRONG love! “Venus and Saturn sealed the deal! It’s going to last!”

Also indications that April 29 is special: The sun is in the sign of Taurus which is very solid, meaning their marriage will be too and the moon is in a Uranus conjunction, which Diana says brings extra excitement and celebration. “It will be a very electric wedding!”

But one thing the prince and his bride will have to look out for is interference!

“The square angle alignment of Venus and Pluto means there will be triangulations in the wedding or marriage that they need to be aware of,” says Diana. “Meaning a third party may interfere.”

That third party could be the public, the media or even the royal family. Until then — may the stars truly align for her!

— Ashley Joy Parker