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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Snoop On Your Man If You Suspect He's Cheating, Like Eva & Elin Did?

Mon, November 22, 2010 12:00pm EDT by 5 Comments

Eva Longoria Parker discovered her hubby, Tony, was being unfaithful when she read his email. Is her snooping an invasion of privacy or validated by her discovery?

Eva Longoria Parker was being a total sneak when she made the ultimate relationship no-no of reading her husband’s email. I suspect that what she found made her wish she hadn’t pried in the first place – she realized he was cheating! But is it acceptable that she snooped because he was actually doing something wrong?

This is a TOTAL grey area. Of course it’s wrong to read your BF or husband’s emails. It’s an invasion of privacy, and indicates that you don’t trust him. But what if he’s unworthy of trust, like Tony Parker or Tiger Woods, whose then-wife, Elin Nordegren, found herself in a similar situation when the golf pro took a shady phone call (from mistress Rachel Uchitel), fell asleep, and left his phone unlocked – only to have Elin discover his infidelity in the form of seductive texts? Is it fair for these women to be kept in the dark?

Personally, I don’t condone reading your man’s emails in the slightest. If he doesn’t give you a reason to mistrust him, then fight your inner freak. You know, the one that refuses to believe he’s a good guy. Stop being suspicious and just roll with it – you’re probably doing your relationship harm by mistrusting him.

But what if he’s acting highly suspicious? Uh-uh, I still don’t recommend this kind of duplicity. However, if you find yourself in a situation like Eva’s, where Tony left his email open so that she could easily read a series of sexy texts between he and alleged mistress Erin Barry, well…I defy ANY woman to resist, especially if his behavior is strange and you want answers.

Regardless of whether he’s actually cheating or not, you’re not going to find anything good by snooping in your man’s phone or email. Guaranteed, he’ll have said SOMETHING that’s going to upset you…whether it be what he actually got up to that Friday night he said he was sick or how he REALLY feels about you.

Do what you think is right, ladies, but I think some things are better left unsaid.

Have you ever snooped through a boyfriend’s phone or email, HollywoodLifers? What was the outcome? Were you pleased/unhappy by what you found?


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