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Christy Turlington — I Could Have Died From Childbirth If I Weren't A Wealthy Supermodel!

Sun, November 21, 2010 1:15pm EDT by Add first Comment

The 41-year-old beauty recounts the birth of her first daughter Grace and explains how a simple complication could have ended her life were it not taken care of immediately!

These days, Christy Turlington is enjoying her life as the mother of two, Grace and Finn, and is happily married to director and actor Edward Burns. In a recent interview with the Daily Mail however, Christy says that following the birth of her first daughter Grace in 2003 she could have actually lost her life to a very rare post-labor complication — postpartum hemorrhage (PPH).

In cases of PPH, the placenta becomes embedded in the uterine wall, leading to heavy bleeding and infection. When she still had not delivered the placenta after an hour, Christy’s doctor was called in to physically rip it off her wall.”It was an excruciatingly painful experience. The delivery of Grace was nothing compared to it and I’d had no pain relief then either,” the model says.

It was until a few years later, while pregnant with son Finn, that Christy learned on a trip to San Salvador that PPH actually contributes to a majority of maternal deaths worldwide in developing countries. “The fact is 90 per cent of these maternal deaths are preventable,” Christy explains.

She also noted that pregnant women in these countries would walk miles for water or be lucky if they could make it to a hospital to deliver in time, a luxury she had taken for granted in New York City. “I found this so inspiring that I decided the best way to bring these stories to the developed world was to make a documentary, No Woman, No Cry, which I filmed over a year in Tanzania, Bangladesh, Guatemala and the U.S. to raise awareness,” says Christy.

It does not end there either as the model is also now enrolled at Columbia University seeking a masters degree in public health. Having conquered what could have been a potentially devastating event, Christy now seems to be doing all she can to help others.