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Bonnie Says: Kody Brown You're So Insensitive For Taking Robyn On An 11-Day Honeymoon While Christine Cradles Your Newborn!

Fri, November 19, 2010 5:29pm EDT by HL Intern 13 Comments

How do you think your three other sister wives feel while you’re off schtupping wife No. 4 having a grand old time on a romantic beach vacation?

They feel neglected and jealous! Is that really a surprise, Kody? When viewers see TLC’s Sister Wives Honeymoon Special at 10 p.m. on Nov. 21, they’ll no doubt be as flabbergasted as I am to find out that you and Robyn, 30, left your three other older, long-term wives with all 16 of your kids for 11 days, while you jetted off with Robyn for a beach and safari honeymoon in San Diego.

And what fabulous thing did you plan for wives Meri, Janelle and Christine while you were canoodling? A mountain camping trip with all of your and Robyn’s 16 children, including newborn daughter Truly.

Did you send flowers? No! Leave them lovey-dovey notes? No! Did you even want to call home? No! Your new wife Robyn had to FORCE you to phone home. You actually said, “I’m gonna probably take a couple days before I even contact them.”

Luckily for you, Robyn had more sense, or perhaps more of a sense of self preservation than you. She insisted, “I think you should contact them right away.”

Yes, Robyn didn’t want to be totally iced by her fellow sister wives, who were, by the way, caring for HER three kids on that mountain. Kody, I’d like to have seen the reception you got when you finally did return home. After all, your wives No. 1 through 3 were fuming.

“Eleven days is ridiculous,” Janelle rightly groused. “Kody has a big family and eleven days is too much.”

“It is a little hard,” admitted Christine.

“I’m illogically angry,” repeated Janelle, though I don’t think she’s “illogically” angry at all!

These sister wives aren’t going to feel any better when they catch this episode too and see Kody and Robyn in a hotel room off while they sit at home and trudge around a mountain — babysitting!

Nice, Kody, really nice… NOT!

— Bonnie Fuller


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