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Michelle Trachtenberg On How She Didn’t Go Wild Like Miley, Demi & Lindsay, Despite Being A Child Star! EXCLUSIVE!

Fri, November 19, 2010 7:40pm EDT by 11 Comments

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With all the Lindsay’s, Miley’s and Demi’s out there, it seems like being a child star leads to a rough road ahead, but that wasn’t the case with Michelle Trachtenberg!

Demi Lovato had a meltdown. Miley Cyrus is acting out. Lindsay Lohan is…well, Lindsay. Since when did being a child star lead to such a troubled life? However, not everyone who grew up in Hollywood has that issue. Michelle Trachtenberg spilled her secrets for staying out of trouble to

At the In Add Minus Store Opening, we chatted with Michelle about the rehab/jail/wild partying route child actors seem to consistently follow. Thankfully, the 25-year-old Gossip Girl star managed to stay away from all that.

“I don’t look good in orange. We know that. I don’t have any skin color,” she joked with us before giving us her honest opinion on what makes her different.

“I really think the difference is gratitude. As an actor there’s a lot of opportunity to be coddled and babied,” Michelle explained. “As long as you are constantly grateful for the place and the opportunities you’re in and say thank you, especially as an actor on your set when you realize the crew is working just as hard if not harder than you and they also have families to go home to, it’s almost impossible to be a diva. And anyone who is just isn’t worth my time.”

Well said, Michelle. Now if only we can make the rest of ‘em follow your advice….

–Jenna Mullins, with reporting by Michelle Skowronek