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Eva, You Can Get Over Your Cheating Spouse! Experts Tell Us How To Move On!

Thu, November 18, 2010 6:27pm EDT by Add first Comment

What to do when your significant other had a wandering eye…that wandered all the way to divorce court? Experts weigh in on how to get past your spouse and a cheating situation.

Poor Eva Longoria. Finding out your spouse was unfaithful is traumatic enough all on its own, but what can you do when the world is watching your breakup being splashed across the media? Relationship and celebrity experts tell how to get over your cheating partner, and what Eva should do to move on…

Psychotherapist Rhonda Findling, author of Don’t Call That Man: A Survival Guy To Let Him Go, tells us that Eva’s first step to recovery is separation. “She needs to start working on recovery by detaching from him. And not be talking to him and discussing things with him.” With a schedule like Eva’s, it should be easy to find ways to keep her mind off of soon-to-be ex-husband Tony Parker. “She is very busy and should stay busy, plus she probably has a million opportunities to keep social with parties. At this time she needs to focus on herself. She needs to focus on herself to recover from what happened to her.”

Being in the public eye can certainly hinder Eva’s battle to move on. But both Rhonda and Cooper Lawrence, relationship expert and author of The Cult of Celebrity, believe that it doesn’t have to stop the process completely.

“It’s harder for her than it would be for most women because when most of us go through breakups, the whole world doesn’t know about it,” Cooper tells us. Rhona echoes that idea, with an added insight: “As a celebrity she’s in a position where he is always in her face, so it’s hard for someone in the public to say, ‘I’m moving on’ because everyone wants to ask her about it and it will probably be in magazines and TV.”

So what can Eva do as the world watches her get over a cheating husband? “She should just remember that every woman has experienced this at some point in her life. She’s been through breakups before. Time is her friend,” Cooper says. Rhonda believes that being in the public eye might even help Eva. “She gets compensated because she will be able to meet more men because she has places to go. She just needs to get back on that horse. Even if you’re mourning and grieving, go out! Take any opportunities to meet knew men,” she insists.

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–Jenna Mullins