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'Sarah Palin's Alaska' Scores HUGE Ratings & Proves She's No Wimp!

Mon, November 15, 2010 3:10pm EDT by HL Intern 1 Comment

But in the series premiere, Palin goes all paranoid over a reporter writing about her! Gee, isn’t she a public figure?

Sarah Palin is addicted to her Blackberry! Throughout the Nov. 14 season premiere of Sarah Palin’s Alaska — which scored TLC’s highest ratings for a series premiere ever with 4.96 million viewers — one thing remained the same: Mama Grizzly is constantly on her Blackberry! We watch Sarah, 46, typing away on her phone during most of the episode, like on a small plane to go fishing, and while talking to her family during a road trip. I know she has a lot of work to do, but come on – there’s a time and a place to check your email! We even get to hear her 8-year-old daughter Piper’s opinion on the matter: the only time Sarah doesn’t check her email is when she doesn’t have service.

Working so hard seems to keep Sarah distracted sometimes, too. At one point, she was too busy on the computer and her phone to notice that a boy sneaks into her teenage daughter Willow’s room. But when she does notice, she makes them come downstairs right away – it seems like she’s not about to let any of her other daughters make the same mistake as Bristol. Speaking of Bristol, there was no sign of her in this episode – where was she?!

We also get a glimpse into another way Sarah’s political work has affected her family through their new neighbor, an author who is writing an in-depth book about Sarah. And it’s definitely not a secret that Sarah doesn’t want him anywhere near her home. Almost every time she’s outside, she’s trying to get a glimpse of him to see if he’s watching her. She seems furious that he’s able to keep such close tabs on her, and even had her husband Todd build a 14-foot fence to give them some privacy. Sarah says she thinks he’ll be bored watching her family, but “at the end of the day, it’s none of his flipping business!”

It’s kind of funny to watch Sarah so nervous about the neighbor keeping an eye on her, worrying about whether or not he’s taking pictures of them, but at the same time, I can definitely understand her frustration. Who wants someone constantly watching them in the privacy of their own home?!

Check out next week’s episode, when Bristol makes an appearance!

— Jessica Booth