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Bonnie Says: Sarah Palin Told Us She Loves “Being Free” In Alaska But Her First Episode Adventures Cost $12,250!

Mon, November 15, 2010 5:29pm EDT by 66 Comments

Courtesy of TLC

Sarah you’ve got gumption to climb Mt. McKinley, but you’ve also got a loaded pocketbook!

Listen, I loved watching your new show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, and my nine-year-old, Sasha was mesmerized too BUT you described your family as “normal, average Americans” and THAT is NOT reality.

When you and husband Todd took your daughter Piper and a niece on a salmon fishing expedition, you all boarded a private bush plane to fly into a wilderness lake, and you said repeatedly that Alaskans use planes to get around, as if it’s an everyday thing.

I was buying that explanation until I found out that your family fishing trip cost  at least $1000 per person, according to Brad (wouldn’t give me last name) from Alaska’s Boardwalk Lodge Adventure Tours, which provides flying and guiding fishing trips into the area that Sarah took her family.

Then, there’s Sarah and Todd’s mountain climbing expedition to Mt. McKinley. Sarah enthusiastically announced that the family would pile into the family RV — something “very popular” in Alaska — but the RV turned out to be a full motor coach. The cost on that is $975, for a one -way trip plus $150 for fuel, according to Alaska Transportation, a local company.

As for the guided climbing, which included another private air flight up to Ruth Glacier on Mt. McKinley — that invigorating outdoor activity — which also scared the bejeezus out of Sarah — would have cost the Palins $1000 each, according to Mark Gunlogson, President of Mountain Madness climbing which leads guided tours up McKinley.

So Sarah — the “epic landscape,” was epic as you described. your wardrobe of bright pink and green fleeces, was adorable and relateable. You talked a good we’re a “down home” family game, but your adventures are anything but down home for the average American family. Not every Alaskan family or for that sake American family can foot a $12,250 bill, for two days of adventures in the great outdoors.

Sarah, no matter how much you protest that you are misperceived, YOU need to face reality, you are not “normal,” nor “average” but you ARE entertaining! And this series is no doubt the BIGGEST privately-funded 21012 Presidential campaign TV add ever! Congrats on that too! I’m sure it will work.

–Bonnie Fuller