Did Growing Up On Camera Lead To Gosselin Kids Being Expelled? Experts Say Yes!

Mon, November 15, 2010 4:51pm EST by 2 Comments

Experts tell HollyBaby that living their entire lives in front of TV cameras is definitely hurting the eight little stars. “There’s a feeling that they’re different,” says psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert.

Thanks to the success of Jon & Kate Plus 8, the Gosselin family was able to move into a massive mansion just outside of Reading, Pennsylvania. But there have been many downsides to their fame. Recently, we told you about two of Jon and Kate Gosselin‘s kids — Alexis and Collin — being expelled from school for fighting, while another sibling was suspended. And most of the time the kids (10-year-old twins Madelyn and Cara and 6-year-old sextuplets Aaden, Joel, Collin, Leah, Hannah and Alexis) look miserable when they’re with their mom filming her new show Kate Plus 8. We asked the experts if filming every moment of their young lives is hurting Jon and Kate Gosselin’s eight kids.

The kids were expelled from school for fighting

“A child who appears on TV, reality or otherwise, is treated differently than their peers — there’s potential for a sense of entitlement, a feeling that they’re different, perhaps even better than other kids. Their expectations and needs might go unmet as they head out into the real world, hence the acting out,” psychotherapist Jonathan Alpert tells HollyBaby.com.

Eric Roberts says that Kate needs anger management classes

“The kids grew up thinking that life is a stage. On a stage, people perform for the audience, for the camera, and that is what is paramount,” agrees relationship expert Dr. Gilda Carle. She feels that the kids should have been taught to communicate and interact authentically, instead of performing. “The kids were kicked out of school for acting out and fighting which may have been just what they were taught to do: up the ante to get applause. Filming them since birth taught them these different values, and now that they’re expected to communicate and interact authentically in a school setting, they don’t have the skills.”

Jon feels that ‘Kate Plus 8′ is exploiting his kids

Alpert is quick to point out that their parents’ divorce last year, didn’t help the kids’ mental health, either. “TV and stardom aside, divorce can wreck havoc on a child and sometimes manifest through misbehavior. Throw into the mix all the hoopla of being reality TV stars and the product of a highly publicized upbringing and subsequent divorce, and you’re bound for trouble.”

Can you believe Kate slept while the kids went trick-or-treating?

He also believes that Kate’s harsh parenting style could be making the kids misbehave. “They might feel pressure from the parents to act a certain way — and this may be at odds with how they truly feel. This conflict will lead to anxiety and depression and subsequent acting out,” he explains.

Kate takes the kids to a corn maze but makes them come home as soon as the cameras leave

Jon Gosselin has already expressed concern about his kids, and asked for TLC to stop filming them for Kate’s show and Dr. Carle tells HollyBaby.com that the only hope these eight children have for a semi-normal childhood is to learn how to live without the cameras and away from the spotlight. “That will take a lot of time, patience and love,” she says.

HollyMoms, do you think it’s time for these kids to step out of the spotlight and start living normal lives?

–Amy L. Harper

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Pat Wilson

Posted at 12:24 PM on November 19, 2010  

the kids arent actors. they have just been living their life as normal kids. divorce causes kids to act out . and when you have siblings you are more agressive times 6 is very competitive. Kate is a good mom. she will help them with their agression. home school will be good . Look at the duggars. 19 an counting. they do homeschool. It will be better when Kate finds a husband. All families have some kids who act out more than others. they are just normal kids who are multiples.

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vickie brown

Posted at 6:47 PM on November 24, 2010  

this has been bothering me for the longest time. i am so sick and tired of what has become of “reality” tv!!! REALITY FOR WHO???! what are these kids going to do as they get older and start facing the problems that all pre-teens and teens experience? not only will they be fighting with their changing hormones, peer pressure, embarrassment for having their whole life played out on tv for everyone to see? what are they going to do when they go to college,get married, and i dont think i need to say more about that. USE YOUR HEADS YOU SELFISH VIEWERS who “miss seeing their precious little children (as if they are part of their own family)on tv. “please bring them back on!” are any of you idiots that have nothing better to do than to watch all of these “reality??” shows by hanging all of their dirty laundry out for all to see? i have seen nothing but bad things coming from ALL of these reality families. the 2nd season, they actually think they are REAL celebrities. (ANYONE CAN MAKE RECORDS, ANYONE CAN WRITE A BOOK.) come on!! i used to love these real reality shows that have a purpose: project runway, top chef, ace of cakes, etc etc..
now it has turned into who can come up with the stupidest idea for a show just to feel famous and the greed they crave no matter what happens. how many divorces have we seen? how many children do we have to see totally humiliated all for the greed of their parents? THIS IS NOT REALITY, PEOPLE, THIS IS SOAP OPERAS. I CANT EVEN STAND TO WATCH ANY OF MY FAVORITE SHOWS, WITHOUT HAVING TO SEE THOSE EFFIN HOUSEWIVES, OR I HAVE 4 WIVES, AND NOW THE STUPIDEST “NEW REALITY SHOW–BRIDAL PLASTY OMG! i’m gonna take my cable out and go onto netflix. and the prettiest little girl pageants, miss perfect pageants! are you too blind to see the pressure put upon these kids? the gosslins are going to wonder, “where are the cameras?” when they start college. i seriously cant stand to watch any of this crap anymore! that’s enough! i’m afraid to think of what the future is going to bring as a result of “reality!”

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