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LAURA'S LOVE ADVICE: Is Sexting & Skyping Like Kendra & Hank Do Enough To Keep Long-Distance Love Alive?

Fri, November 12, 2010 10:31am EDT by 1 Comment
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While Kendra Wilkinson is forced to be apart from football player hubby Hank Baskett, she tries to keep things fresh using technology. But is it enough?

Long-distance love is NEVER easy, but Kendra Wilkinson seems to have a pretty good strategy when it comes to making things things work for she and husband Hank Baskett: sexts, Skyping and naked photos! But are her racy techniques enough to make love last?

“We definitely keep things spicy even though we’re not together in person,” the 25-year-old reality star, who’s shooting her reality show in LA while her husband plays pro football for the Minnesota Vikings, told People. “We know how to keep things fresh, romantic and sexy. … There’s Skype, yeah, that’s definitely our number one. We also have our BlackBerries.” She added, “This morning, Hank woke up to a surprise text. Let me tell you, sending a naked picture to my husband definitely keeps him going!”

I’m on board with Kendra’s plan (as long as they never split, because one more sex tape scandal is NOT something she needs). While you and your man are apart, you’re both going to be lonely, sexually frustrated and probably a bit insecure about where your relationship stands. Sending hot photos and sexting (again, be careful here!) can be pretty amazing, because you’re keeping things fresh and exciting.

However, I’m a HUGE fan of Skyping. You get to see your man face to face in real time, hear his voice, POSSIBLY even have some sexy time…and it’s free! What’s not to love?

But can this sustain a relationship? Well no, not forever. I’ve known couples that made it work for years long-distance — but when they got to the same place at the same time for good, they found they couldn’t be together. I’ve also met couples who have split after a year or so of long-distance only to get back together when they were actually IN the same place. My point here is that if you’re in love, you can suffer the distance — but not for long. Eventually you’re going to have to find a way to be together…or call it a day.

Still, Kendra is an advocate for why being apart from your man for short periods of time is actually HEALTHY for your relationship — and I’m with her! “You can take a breather and actually think about why you miss each other,” she said. “Then when we see each other, we’re fresh and re-energized and it’s time to get it on again!”

Amen, sister.

Have YOU ever had a long-distance relationship, HollywoodLifers? How did you make it work? Tell us your tricks and tips below!


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