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Taylor Swift's Awkward CMA Finale EXPLAINED! Was It A Shout Out To Taylor Lautner?

Thu, November 11, 2010 1:30pm EDT by 16 Comments


Even at her young age, Taylor is never anything but composed and professional when it comes to her career. So what went wrong at the end of her performance?

The stage setting was perfectly whimsical, the piano playing was lovely, and Taylor Swift sounded strong as she crooned out “Back to December” for the crowd at the CMA awards Nov. 10. All was well, until the applause came, and Taylor was seen looking shocked and mouthing the word “what?” before disappearing behind the curtain. What gives? loves to speculate on the behaviors of our favorite stars, so we would be irresponsible if we didn’t present our theories for Taylor’s odd behavior:

  • Saying “what?” was a shout-out to ex-boyfriend Taylor Lautner, because he has a habit of doing Lil’ Wayne impressions. “Back to December” is reportedly an apology song for the Twilight star.
  • Someone in her earpiece told her that she didn’t really sell a million albums last week. It was an elaborate prank dreamed up by scorned ex Joe Jonas.
  • A stagehand shouted “buttmunchsayswhat?” at her. And poor Taylor fell for the oldest trick in the book!
  • She wasn’t done performing. She had 12 more songs to sing and she was pissed to see the curtain falling. Someone will get fired over this.
  • The 20-year-old megastar was so shocked by the standing ovation she received after her performance, her instant reaction was a slack jaw, and the “what?” was a statement of disbelief.

One of these theories is true. Give up? Ok, it’s the last one. Swifty, 20, was momentarily stunned by the crowd getting out of their chairs for her! Her fiddler player, Caitlin Evanson, even tweeted this after the show: “Our girl’s reaction to the standing ovation was super priceless..’whaaaa?'”

Check out her performance below and feel free to write up your own theory in the comments!

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–Jenna Mullins, with additional thoughts by Kirstin Benson