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Kate Gosselin Forces Her Kids To Take Stale Food To School!

Wed, November 10, 2010 3:10pm EDT by 29 Comments

Courtesy of TLC

EXCLUSIVE! An insider tells that if the eight Gosselin kids don’t eat their lunch, Kate repacks it for them to take back to school each day until they eat it. That’s tough love, but is it safe? We asked an expert who slams her parenting approach.

Kate Gosselin has said in the past that she buys organic food, but maybe she should focus more on getting her children to eat it! An insider tells that Kate’s eight kids “hate” their packed lunches so much that they would rather go hungry at lunchtime! But that leads to a much bigger problem, because Kate then packs the same item in their lunch box each day until they eat it. Four-day-old sandwiches? Is that even healthy?

Two of Kate’s kid were expelled from school–Alexis and Collin!

“If they don’t eat their food and she sees it when they come home from school, still in their lunch box, she repacks it again,” says our source. “For instance, if they took a bite out of their ham sandwich, Kate will repack that exact sandwich for the next day.”

Sounds awful! And think about the bacteria growing on that food as it sits out, unrefrigerated, each day in the Gosselin kids’ lunchboxes!

Dr. Jeff Gardere, a child psychologist, says that Kate’s approach is all wrong.

Gosselin kids suspended for bullying! Is Kate to blame?

“If we’re talking about a situation where the children are refusing to eat, then it’s not good,” he says. “She should make her children eat, but try different approaches and different foods. Maybe this method is OK once or twice, but not all of the time.”

While calls to Kate’s rep were not returned, the insider tells that the children are even losing weight, and because they aren’t eating lunch, they’re having trouble concentrating at school!

Jon won’t watch “Kate Plus 8”– he says it’s exploiting his kids!

“One of the kids was saying that they only ate their grapes, and when I asked why, they said it was because the same piece of pita wrap had been in there all week,” says our source.

With two of Kate’s children reportedly being home schooled after being expelled, do you think Kate should try to change up her parenting techniques?

–Elizabeth Murphy

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