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Selita Ebanks Wants McFlurries After Victoria's Secret Fashion Show! Exclusive!

Tue, November 9, 2010 12:37pm EDT by Katrina Mitzeliotis 3 Comments

The gorgeous supermodel talks all about Heidi, her guilty pleasures, and even admits looking that good doesn’t come easy!

Being surrounded by beautiful models at 7:30 in the morning isn’t the usual way I start my day, but for the first time ever Victoria’s Secret opened the doors on Nov. 9 for a sneak peek at the set of the infamous fashion show (including the runway, covered in gold glitter) so I got out of bed and came face to face, or should I say face to hip, with 30 of the girls. While some of the models said they work out here and there, luckily, veteran angel Selita Ebanks, 27, admitted there’s a lot more than amazing genetics that goes into it!

So, is it as easy as it looks? “No,” Selita said. “You know as you’re getting older your metabolism starts slowing down, you start seeing things that weren’t there the day before, you’re like ‘Oh man, I gotta pick this up off my knees [she said, gesturing to her butt].’ Admitting is the first step, right? It’s about acknowledging and going to the gym and you work hard on those parts of your body that you know, weren’t there yesterday.”

While I can’t recall a time that I ever thought the model wasn’t in amazing shape, according to her she wasn’t happy with her workout regime leading up to last year’s show. “Last year I learned my lesson. I was like ‘Oh, I’m still young, I can work out the month before and still pull it together.’ Oh no, I almost killed myself, it was like night and day,” she said. “So this year, after last year’s show, I knew I needed to maintain and start early. It’s all about eating in moderation, being more responsible about what goes in my mouth. You know, a little less Dunkin Donuts, a little more Whole Foods and just working out when I could.”

In order to prep for the show tomorrow night, the model said she targeted several key parts of her body at the same time. “If I’m doing core, I’m also doing legs, back, shoulders, even through my neck. It’s important because being an angel — and just being in stilettos — your posture is a huge key.” (Selita was wearing a studded pair of Christian Louboutin‘s). “I tell ladies all the time, you don’t have to be a size 0 but you can walk like one! Pull it back, pull it up. Throw on some stilettos that elongate your legs and calves and you’re sexy,” she said.

So, what’s her guilty pleasure? “Oh my god, damn Mcflurries! There’s a 24 hour McDonalds by my house and drive by and I literally have to close my eyes and I’m like ‘No Mcflurries!’ The Oreo, I’m obsessed with Oreos what can I say? But that’s gonna be my little treat for myself after the show. I’m double-fisting oreo McFlurries!”

While not all models are as funny and honest as Selita she said personality is definitely a big part of the job — and she learned that from the infamous Miss Klum! “Anyone can be beautiful, anyone can take a picture. No one wants to work with someone with a really bad attitude, and no one wants to be with someone in an interview who’s like ‘Oh yea, I’m so beautiful.’ No. I learned that from Heidi Klum and I’m so sad that she’s not here because she has the world’s most amazing personality — but I know I’ll see her soon!”

Be sure to tune into CBS on Nov. 30 to catch the show!

Katrina Mitzeliotis


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