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Eric Roberts: 'Kate Gosselin Needs Anger Management Classes!' Do You Agree?

Tue, November 9, 2010 10:28am EDT by 6 Comments

The actor has a lot to say about Kate Gosselin and her eight kids. “The kids could have a great time doing the show if their mother wasn’t a cruel horror,” he says in an explosive new interview!

Who knew Eric Roberts was keeping a close eye on the Gosselin family? Well he is. And he doesn’t like what he sees of Kate Gosselin‘s parenting style. “I think the Gosselin kids’ private lives are their problem, not the fact that their private lives are public,” he tells the blog SmalltownGosselins. “They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn’t stop her.”

Woah — what has the 54-year-old so upset with the mother of eight? Eric is appalled by the way that Kate controls her 10-year-old twins, Cara and Madelyn, and 6-year-old sextuplets — Alexis, Hanna, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel especially now that she’s an overwhelmed single mom. “Thank goodness there is footage of Gosselin hitting her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop,” says Eric.

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After having successfully sought treatment for his own addiction issues on the newest season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab, Julia Roberts’ big brother is encouraging Kate to get help. “My advice to Kate Gosselin would be to get out of denial and receive anger management,” he says. “Next time she feels herself lifting a hand to harm one of her children, she should instead make a call to her local 12-step program. Those programs help with patterns of violence, among the more expected things they treat.” Do you think Kate could benefit from management classes, HollyMoms?

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Eric, whose daughter is actress Emma Roberts, is certainly passionate when it comes to the subject of parenting. “Most parents love their children very much, just not very well,” he says, adding that he’d like to see some major changes in the way parents are policed. “Violence, emotional or physical, against or around a child should be a one-strike situation. I think endangering a child is an obscene crime. Kind people have to step up to take care of the children who are being raised by unkind people.” He even advises Kate’s ex-husband, Jon Gosselin, to make Kate sign a contract that would take away her financial security any time she hits the kids. “When she stops playing the role as written, she should be fired,” he says.

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Eric’s 19-year-old daughter, Emma, has been appearing in movies since she was a tween, but he’s quick to point out that he doesn’t control her career and has never even signed a contract on her behalf. “Her mother and her manager handle her career. Emma is extremely fortunate to be successful at such a joyous job,” he explains.

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While he’s no fan of Kate, he also doesn’t agree with Jon, who’s on a crusade to get the kids off of Kate Plus 8. “Jon is being unrealistic. How is that family going to live? The number of kids Kate and Jon have are the reason Kate and John have money. It would be awful if financial stress was added to those kids’ problems,” he says, before mentioning that he doesn’t think the kids should be forced to do anything they don’t want to do. And he has a message for the eight little stars stuck in the middle of this mess. “I would want the Gosselin kids to know that their parents’ rage is not their fault, and to please do therapy to keep themselves from continuing the pattern.”

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We can get behind that! What do you think HollyMoms? Is Eric being way too harsh on Kate or has he hit the nail on the head when it comes to her parenting problems?

–Amy L. Harper

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