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'DWTS' EXCLUSIVE! Jennifer Grey's Doctor: It Feels Like Knives Are Stabbing Her Knee!

Tue, November 9, 2010 3:27pm EDT by 1 Comment

We were starting to get sick of hearing Jennifer Grey complain incessantly about her injuries on Dancing with the Stars every week, but her doctor tells us it’s actually as bad as it seems!

Jennifer Grey is literally in tears every segment before her live performances on Dancing with the Stars, complaining about her injuries and threatening to quit the show. Then, without fail, the 50-year-old Dirty Dancing actress performs in the top each week, making us believe she is just overly dramatic. However, her orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gary Brazina, tells us she’s in more pain than she even letting on!

“She’s developed tendonitis in her knee from overuse, but it’s also from aging,” he explains. “She’s dancing 8-12 hours a day, seven days a week. They don’t have any days off. She’s been in quite a bit of pain.”

No kidding — that’s all she ever talks about! But just how bad is it?

“It’s almost like being stabbed in the knee with a knife repeatedly,” he says. “Every time she bends her knee, there’s partial tearing and inflammation. Typically I would take the athlete off the field for 3-4 weeks, but in her case, because of the show, she cannot rest.”

On top of her knee issues, Jennifer is also struggling with residual neck pain from a serious car accident nearly 10 years ago.

“She had a severe neurosurgical problem and underwent multiple neck operations in the last year,” Dr. Brazina says. “We’re walking a fine line between keeping her going and doing permanent damage. This is a day to day, moment to moment decision to keep going with the competition.”

Jennifer consistently wows the judges with her precision, grace and nearly flawless dances, despite being in chronic pain! We just hope she’s not so dedicated to the competition that she does permanent damages!

–Kirstin Benson