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Does Megamind's Will Ferrell Wear Diapers?

Mon, November 8, 2010 9:00am EDT by Add first Comment

The former Saturday Night Live star jokes that it’s one of the things he has in common with his three sons. He also has some interesting advice for new parents in a funny interview with

Forbes magazine dubbed him the most overpaid actor in Hollywood, but if you ask us, funnyman Will Ferrell is worth every penny. Whether he’s playing George W. Bush on Saturday Night Live, a NASCAR driver in Talladega Nights, or even a big-headed blue supervillain (alongside Tina Fey and Brad Pitt) in the new animated movie Megamind, Will makes us laugh. We can only imagine what a fun father this 43-year-old is to his three sons with wife Viveca Paulin — Magnus, 6, Mattias, 3, and Axel, 10 months. We asked Will for parenting advice, and while we don’t necessarily recommend following it, we strongly suggest you read on if you’re looking for a laugh!

You have young sons. Is there anything you have in common with the toddler experience?
There are many parallels between me and my sons. For instance, we each wear diapers. I started wearing a bladder relief diaper just for convenience. I don’t really have a problem, but I’m too lazy to go to the bathroom and it just saves me a lot of time.

Do you have any advice for new parents?
Don’t let your kids play in old abandoned refrigerators. I learned that lesson as a boy.

Any other words of wisdom?
You know, if you’re flying with your child, it’s best to book them on the same flight as you and not on one where they have more legroom and they’re leaving at a different time. They could get there earlier than you and that causes resentment. Two-year-olds can also never figure out those connecting flights. It just makes it harder, so just travel as a family.

Do you allow your kids to watch your family-friendly movies like Elf?
I tried, but the kids got too upset when as the Elf I start floating away on that piece of ice. They were confused because I don’t like the cold that much, so what was I doing in the North Pole and then they cried, “Daddy, why are you drifting away?”

Will you ever cut your comedy back so you don’t embarrass your kids?
In a general sense, I just commit to whatever I’m doing on screen. Commitment in comedy is the biggest thing you have to do — regardless if it asks you to be in your underwear or not. I’ll always just go for it.

Do you live a simple life with your kids or do you run around with a large entourage?
Oh, you don’t even know! You haven’t hung around with me long enough because I travel with a very intimidating posse of my wife and kids. We even travel with six small dogs — yipping dogs. So, if we come at you, then you will get out of our way.

What do you have in common with Megamind?
There are so many traits I share with this large blue character. I have a lot of tight leather pants in a vault like he does. I don’t wear them, but I keep them. There is also a part of my body that is blue. I can’t go into detail. It’s just a genetic defect. That’s what I share with the character.

You play Megamind with a bit of a British accent.
It’s so disappointing and it’s not your fault, but I’m actually doing a Lithuanian accent. It shows how bad a mimic I am. It’s the accent of someone who thinks they’re important. When you get down to it, he’s just really insecure.

What’s cool about working with Brad Pitt?
Brad had to ride his motorcycle into the recording studio to avoid the paparazzi. Brad makes his own homemade beer. It’s not that good. It was gluten-free, so just forget it.

Did you dress up in real life to be Megamind?
I didn’t just show up in T-shirts and sweats like Tina [Fey]. I had full hair and makeup. I view myself as a full professional.

Did you do this movie for your kids?
I did the movie based on wanting to do another animated movie. My children were not consulted in this decision. Nor are they ever consulted about anything. It’s a very strict household. But they have seen some of the ads and trailers. They are intrigued that Dad is in a movie with a big blue head. There’s one poster with the Megamind baby in it. My 3-year-old is fascinated and that’s because the baby has so little to do with me.

Megamind longs to have it all. Is fame everything you thought it would be?
Be careful when you dream. For instance, I’ve always wanted to sail around the world in a hand-made boat and I built a boat or had a boat built for me. My second day out to sea, I realized I’m not a sailor and have no knowledge of basic navigation. I had no supplies. In that moment I realized I was miserable. I thought I had everything and I didn’t. I was also in Lake Havasu in Arizona. So I screwed the dream up from the beginning.

Do you ever long to be obscure again?
Would I like to retreat into obscurity? I don’t really think about those things. That’s a great question for Brad Pitt who ironically isn’t here, so that speaks volumes of who is into obscurity.

–Cindy Pearlman

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