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Michael Says Getting Eliminated From 'The Amazing Race' Was “Heartbreaking!” Exclusive!

Mon, November 8, 2010 8:48am EDT by HL Intern Add first Comment

The father-son team of Michael and Kevin were looking strong starting in third place after last week’s non elimination leg but after they broke the rules this week, they were sent home!

“We felt like we were getting stronger and we were getting into a groove,” Kevin told us exclusively. “We really thought we had a shot to win but things just didn’t work out.”

This week the teams begin in St. Petersburg, Russia, with Jill and Thomas in first, and head to the circus for their first task, the Detour Challenge. The choices available to the teams are: Circus Band – take lessons from a circus accordion player and mastered a three-part song or Circus Clown –learn how to spin plates on a stick and get 10 plates spinning simultaneously. Both seemed extremely difficult!

Michael and Kevin chose to spin plates and it wasn’t all clowning around!

“It was harder than it looks,” says Kevin. “It was crazy in there. The music was loud, there were clowns dancing around you and we would get eight or nine spinning and then one would fall creating a domino effect.”

Luckily Michael took to this challenge quite easily and after just a few failed attempts, the pair got it right and was on to the next stop. Unfortunately, the duo got excited at arriving to the next clue early and eagerly jumped in to a taxi, accidentally ignoring a key part of the clue- You must WALK to the next destination! Michael even told Kevin, “Read carefully, don’t miss a word.” Whoops!

At the next location, the teams had to choose one member to go up in a tower with another member from another team where they needed to figure out their next destination sans a clue box. Confused at first, teams one by one start to connect the dots when they notice  a little, semi-hidden model of a Russian cathedral and head to the real things across town On their way to the cathedral, Kevin tells Brook & Clair to grab their taxi, just like he and Michael do. Brook & Clair don’t stop to think that they are breaking the WALK rule. On the ride, Brook & Clair re-read the instructions and figure out that Kevin made a mistake by suggesting they use the taxi, so they immediately turn around and retrace their steps, doing that portion of the route according to the rules. Smart move ladies!

After the cathedral, the teams continue on to the Peter & Paul Fortress for this week’s Road Block challenge, which is playing a game called gorodki. It is like bowling, except that it only has five pins which get stacked up and instead of a ball, you throw a big stick at them and try to sweep them off the alley. While doctors and front runners Nat & Kat flew though the challenge and made it first to the pit-stop, Michael and Kevin slipped to sixth place due to Michael struggling with the game

“It doesn’t look so difficult at first,” says Michael. “But I didn’t even understand the requirements for the for first 15 minutes.”

Although the team fell behind they knew bickering couple Chad and Stephanie were far behind them and arrived at the pit-stop with a false confidence that they were safe. Michael and Kevin were informed of their not one, but two violations resulting in two 30 minute penalties, allowing Chad and Stephanie to move ahead and ultimately got them eliminated.

“It was heartbreaking,” says Michael. “We felt like we had really let down our fans but we enjoyed the race a lot.”

And although it was Kevin who didn’t read the clue carefully, he says that his dad doesn’t blame hm for the mistake and that they split the responsibility 50/50 .

“I learned that my son is very committed and very competitive and a lot more mature than I give him credit for,” says Michael.

Did you watch this week’ episode of the Amazing Race?

Ashley Joy Parker