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Bonnie Says: Learn From Jessica Alba & Kat Dennings & Don't Let ANYONE Take Naked Photos Of You Like They Did!

Fri, November 5, 2010 4:20pm EDT by 2 Comments

Unless of course you want the entire internet world to see your breasts and nipples!

If you do secretly want to be a famous porn star and Charlie Sheen hasn’t asked you out for a paid date, then by all means let someone snap away.

What were Jessica Alba and Kat Dennings thinking when they posed provocatively? They are public figures? Why would they risk such personal photos going public?

If you really only want to share your nudity with a special someone, them make sure that special someone doesn’t have any cell phone, camera or other video or picture taking device with them. Let them enjoy your sexy beauty in the moment and that’s it! You can trust NO ONE! Haven’t Kendra and Kim Kardashian proved the point. Ex-boyfriends and husbands may itch to make money one day and then your very private pics and videos can become very public!

Who downloaded Jessica Alba’s pics to the internet is a real head-scratcher, but it’s amazing how easy it is for private digital photos to go public.

Now Kat Dennings, next up in the film, Thor, and young mom Jessica Alba, about to appear in Little Fockers, will forever be remembered for their bare breasts and exposed nipples. Was that what they really wanted well if you don’t want that –- then keep your clothes on when ANY recording device is around!

–Bonnie Fuller

Click Here If You Would Like To See The Nude Pics!