This Mother Was Too Drunk To Drive — So She Let Her 12-Year-Old Take The Wheel. How Could She Be So Stupid?

Fri, November 5, 2010 6:05pm EST by 5 Comments

After a weekend-long bender, Misty McCollister knew she was too intoxicated to drive, so she figured her tween son would make the best chauffer. Now she faces up to 5 years in prison. Do you think she deserves a harsher sentence?

HollyMoms, here’s the newest inductee into the worst mom hall of fame: Misty McCollister. This recovering alcoholic fell off the wagon and endangered the lives of not one, but two children. She was smart enough to know that she was too drunk to drive home after a weekend of drinking, but can you believe she was dumb enough to think her 12-year-old son could get behind the wheel instead?

And it gets worse. Her son was too short to see over the steering wheel, so she put him on her lap so that he could steer! Can you even think of a worse idea? Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention that her 7-year-old was also in the vehicle as was a friend of hers who claimed they couldn’t drive because they weren’t wearing their glasses.

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Luckily, police pulled over the car a few blocks later because it was weaving so badly. HollyMoms, Misty has a blood alcohol level of .299. The legal limit is .008. She must have been mainlining vodka!

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The judge in the case said there was no excuse for her “absolute evilness,” as the recovering alcoholic tried to blame her friend who wasn’t wearing her glasses and another pal for her serious lapse of judgement.

She pleaded guilty and could spend up to five years in prison and have to pay a $10,000 fine when she’s back in court for sentencing on December 14. Do you think that’s a harsh enough penalty, HollyMoms?

–Amy L. Harper

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Posted at 10:28 PM on October 23, 2012  

Misty is a good friend of mine. While the destruction she could have
caused letting her 12 year old son drive, and amazingly no one was hurt. But in the end this event and arrest was the best thing that could have happened to her. I’m not making excuses to let her son drive because she was drunk nor am I condoning it. But misty is now sober and had been. This could’ve ended up with her and the kids dead. Instead it opened her eyes to really see she had a real problem with booze. Misty is a very loving and great mother. This just shows you what alchol can do and how it twists your mind. Keep strong and keep up the good work misty bug

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Posted at 11:52 AM on November 8, 2010  

I certainly don’t think this derelict should be excused in any way, but you have to realise the fact children have driven since the inception of the steering wheel. Farm children learn to drive earlier than most children as it is expected and condoned by the family. Some are 5-6 yrs of age and expected to know/or learn. This happens even as we speak today and your delusioned if you think otherwise.Some of these children are more capable than the parent and that is factual. The child is only doing what is expected of them and no way culpable.God bless knowledgeable children, they have saved many lives, as well as lost a few.

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Posted at 12:17 AM on November 19, 2010  

in reply to len, seriously wth, how are you going to defend her behavior? yea kids learn to drive earlier but what percentage of children are actually living ON FARMLANDS??? and i doubt 12 year olds are driving tractors in this day and age. this 12 year old was swerving according to the article. he could have hit people on the road, other cars, etc.

girls have also been married off and raped at ages 10 and younger. you want to defend pedophiles today too?

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Posted at 12:02 AM on February 10, 2011  

I lived in rural southeast Alabama for many years and can tell you Len knows what he is talking about… family farms aren’t as uncommon as one might think.

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Posted at 12:19 AM on November 19, 2010  

oh yea and you’re right. this kid IS going to have to be more capable to survive in this drunkard’s house – take care to make sure his mom doesn’t choke on her own spit, to make his own meals, shop for himself, study like crazy to get out of this crappy household and make a better living.

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