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Mother Of Two Thandie Newton Tells Us That She Wants Her Girls To Feel Empowered. Can You Relate, HollyMoms?

Thu, November 4, 2010 8:30am EDT by 1 Comment

The For Colored Girls star is the proud mother of two beautiful daughters — Ripley and Nico — and she tells in an exclusive interview that her main goal is making sure that her girls grow up feeling like they can conquer the world. And she has some wise advice for dealing with bullies at school.

Thandie Newton will be celebrating her 38th birthday on Saturday (November 6) and you can bet that she’ll be surrounded by her loving family — husband Ol Parker and daughters Ripley, 10, and Nico, 5. When spoke with the London-born beauty as she promotes for her latest film For Colored Girls, she couldn’t stop gushing about her darling daughters. “I’m the mom of two beautiful girls,” she says. “The universe has given me these two gorgeous daughters.” And Thandie’s focusing all her energy on making sure Nico and Riley grow up to be strong, independent young women.

What do you want to teach your daughters?
I want my girls to feel empowered. That’s the most important thing. I think as a mom it’s important to teach your children that they’re extraordinary, powerful beings. Your job is to keep the path clear so there is nothing they can trip up on.

How has your life changed since you became a mom?
It’s amazing how you start again and you re-live your childhood. The universe has given me girls because I needed to live that girlhood again in a fresh way.

What has motherhood taught you?
Motherhood has taught me how exquisite human beings are and how tender, fragile and powerful we are.

Are your daughters girlie girls?
No. They’re not into going to stores and buying dolls. Ripley is not a girlie girl. If I bought her an American Girl doll, the hair would be cut off in a week. I go into her bedroom and find a crew cut left on the floor. Poor Barbie!

That’s too funny. Does it bother you that they’re not little princesses?
Moms shouldn’t force their girls to be too girlie. If they don’t like dolls then let it go. Let them find their own creative outlets. Maybe they don’t like dolls, but love to paint.

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What other advice can you share with our HollyMoms?
Respect your children. Treat them like the person you most admire on earth. I really mean that as a way of life. If you treat your children with respect then they will learn to respect themselves.

That’s good advice!
I can’t think of a better thing to let your kid out into the world with than self-respect. How your child feels about him or herself will dictate how they allow themselves to be treated by other people

So true! What drives you crazy about motherhood?
We can only do so much as mothers and then they go to school. It’s a forest out there and we must let them go into it.

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How do you deal with school bullies?
I teach my girls not to give all their power to the thing hurting them. I also want to raise kind girls. You don’t want your kid hating the other person. I remind my girls that mean kids at school might have a hard home life. I’ll say, “Maybe they’re not being treated well by their mom.” That makes kids think.

–Cindy Pearlman

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