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KEY COMMENTS! Here's What HollyBaby Readers Had To Say About Kate Gosselin's Daughter Reportedly Getting Suspended From School!

Thu, November 4, 2010 3:17pm EDT by 6 Comments

A report in Us magazine about Kate Gosselin’s 6-year-old daughter allegedly being suspended from school for two weeks has most of you saying that Kate should take all eight of her kids out of the spotlight — and that she’s to blame for the kids’ bad behavior!

By now most of you have heard that one of Kate Gosselin‘s 6-year-old daughters has reportedly been suspended from school for two weeks as punishment for hitting another student. HollyMoms have some very strong opinions about Kate’s parenting style — and believe she’s causing her kids (6-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Hannah, Aaden, Collin, Leah, Joel and 10-year-old twins Cara and Madelyn) to act out by forcing them to be on TV. And others are concerned about the fact that this news got out at all. Check out some of the comments!

Evan: EVERYBODY have witnessed Kate teaching her children how to argue, slap, throw hissy fits, and bully. She is the one teaching her kids to behave this way. It’s what they’ve witnessed since birth. They think this is what you do when you don’t get your way. They’ve been taught that they are entitled and more special than other children, and to put someone in their place, you bully and fight! Way to go,Kate! Mother of the Year (Not).

For The Eight: I feel bad for the kids. I feel bad that the incident happened. I feel bad that it’s been reported. I feel bad that these kids have had their childhood dished up as entertainment for the public.I do NOT think HollyBaby was wrong for printing it. It’s going to be everywhere soon, if not already, if US Weekly has already put it out.

Kate’s nanny quits

Diane: What a surprise (NOT). Kate allows these kids to beat on each other and teaches them that hitting and fighting is okay. Of course they are going to use it on other children. They don’t know any better. The sooner these kids get some real help the better. I’m just surprised something like this hasn’t happened before.

Stephanie: If it’s true and the school has taken a zero tolerance stand on “hitting” then it’s a good lesson for all the little kids in that grade (and everyone in the school) to learn. Maybe this will lead Kate to also take a ZERO tolerance stand on hitting at home. One not so nice twin (Maddy) was seen quite often HITTING the little ones, and very little was done to stop it. Maybe this will change things in the home, and big kid Maddy won’t hit the little kids, and the little kids will stop hitting each other. I hope so. Good luck to the Gosselins in trying to stop the hitting, PERMANENTLY!

Kate’s ex-husband Jon Gosselin says being on TV is hurting the kids

disappointed: I’m just curious why you felt it was necessary to report this story? This kind of gossip about ANY child is wrong on so many levels.

Werny Gal: This is unfortunately predictable. The Gosselin marriage was rife with the mom bullying the dad, so the kids and others so the kids have grown up with that role modeling. They’ve grown up on camera and have never had an opportunity to learn to just be a family and communicate and deal with feelings in a normal way. It’s time for this family to pull out from the entertainment business and get back to the business of being a family. Family trauma is not entertainment. I support Jon’s efforts to get these kids off of TV before their mental health is even more impacted than it already is. It’s not too late to let them have what’s left of their stolen childhoods.

Clearing this up: Kate’s lawyer was quick to speak up when Jon tweeted. I suspect if this was not true Kate’s lawyer would speak up again. Obviously, it is true.

Jon Gosselin’s life coach tells that he really has changed

Yoodles: Kate doesn’t care. The only thing she does care about now is that the story is OUT, she is embarrassed and once again shows what a horrible piece of work of a mother she is. She is a horrible mother who is systematically ruining those poor childrens lives. She needs to stop chasing stardom and start learning how to be a mother.

–Amy L. Harper

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