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Conan O'Brien's New Show Is Full Of Bacon Tacos, A**less Chaps & Breast-Shaped Moons! EXCLUSIVE!

Wed, November 3, 2010 2:59pm EDT by 5 Comments

The Masturbating Bear may be a thing of the past, but Conan is still going to be the funniest show on late night TV!

The world’s funniest ginger is spending this week rehearsing for his brand-new TBS show, premiering Nov. 8, and was on the Warner Bros. lot in Burbank, Calif., to catch all the genital-inspired hilarity that Conan O’Brien could (figuratively) throw at us. Get excited, Team CoCo — the man you love is back, and funnier than ever!

We’re the first to admit we’re a bit skeptical that Conan might change things too much during his big move from network TV to basic cable, potentially killing the magic that made us all devoted fans — but thankfully that’s not the case, as the Nov. 2 test run of the new show was spectacular! The set is small and intimate, with a special spot for Jimmy Vivino and the Basic Cable Band next to Conan’s small desk area in front of a Malibu-esque backdrop with a moving moon, which Conan aptly said “looks like a breast.”

And there was no lack of wit in Conan’s opening monologue, as he mocked his move to TBS and bantered back and forth with sidekick Andy Richter. (Those two haven’t missed a beat!) There were a few kinks to work out — Andy’s mic wasn’t working and the band was caught playing either too long or not long enough in between breaks — but that was to be expected.

Here are some special things fans can look forward to:

  1. There was a pre-taped segment in which Conan talked to TBS Standards and Practices about what he can actually get away with on the new show. He practiced the many different ways of saying “breasts” and “penis,” and it was all hilarious. A staff member entered the room wearing a very trendy (and very non-Conan) get-up, and Conan asked if he could wear the clothes on TV. The staffer then turned around to reveal he was wearing assless chaps, which led into a segment explaining how much screen time TBS is willing to give to a bare ass. FYI, the answer is four seconds!
  2. Conan also got to play chef and make bacon tacos with LA-based bacon-themed food truck, Lardon. If anyone else but Conan had done the bit it probably wouldn’t have been as funny, but I could watch Conan make bacon tacos filled with potatoes and cheese all day long. Especially because he kept referring to founder Jeremiah Crowley as a “heart attack in training.”
  3. The special guest was Family Guy star Seth Green, who spent most of his airtime showing off a Robot Chicken-inspired toy humping a Conan O’Brien toy. (Are you starting to sense a theme here?)

Even though this test run will never make it to air, it did inspire me to start counting down the seconds until the Nov. 8 launch of Conan. Watch out, Jay Leno — you now have some major competition to worry about!

Russ Weakland