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WATCH! Miley Cyrus Feels Up A Hot, Older Guy, Plus Runs Around In Knee High Leather Boots & A Black Mini In This New Music Video!

Tue, November 2, 2010 1:44pm EDT by 14 Comments
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The 17-year-old starlet STILL ‘can’t be tamed’ in Rock Mafia’s new music video, “The Big Bang!” Is it too raunchy for a teenager?

Between her lap dances, club appearances, and PDA with her older boyfriend, Miley Cyrus’ reputation has evolved from Hollywood’s good girl, to the next train wreck in waiting. In Rock Mafia’s new video, “The Big Bang,” the 17-year-old starlet continues to push the boundaries –- she’s so scandalous!

In the video, Miley pulls up in a car and gives the super hot actor Kevin Zegers, who also played Taylor Momsen‘s drug dealing BF on Gossip Girl, her sexy eyes. Almost immediately, he’s next to her in the car. Meanwhile, her hands gently creep up his leg toward his crouch region. Classy.

At one point, Mr. Hottie chases after Miley in the street and we see she’s sporting knee-high black leather books with a dangerously short black mini.

Although it’s not entirely clear what the story line is, we can tell that Miley is either a figment of the gorgeous leading man’s imagination, or she was once the love of his life, but has since passed away. In any case, he’s continually chasing her down, but never actually gets to keep her in his arms.

This isn’t exactly new behavior for Miley, whose own music videos are even more scandalous than this one. Nevertheless, do YOU think Miley’s age appropriate in “The Big Bang?”