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Was Demi Lovato Devastated Over Losing Ex Joe Jonas To Ashley Greene?

Tue, November 2, 2010 1:38pm EDT by 40 Comments

Did the emotional stress of having to see Joe with a new woman send Demi over the edge? How would you feel being forced to spend time with your ex’s new girl?

It came as a complete shock to most when it was announced on Nov. 1 that 18-year-old Disney starlet and singer Demi Lovato would be seeking treatment for “emotional and physical issues” after battling an eating disorder and cutting, but could it have all been brought on by ex Joe Jonas‘ new found love with Twilight actress Ashley Greene?

Joe and Ashley, who were first rumored to be dating in July when they were spotted dining together in London, have been incredibly public about their relationship. Whether it be their constantly photographed PDA or loving tweets, they are not trying to hide their love at all!

Joe and Demi meanwhile kept their relationship secretive, allegedly at his insistence! Relationship expert and Cult of Celebrity author Cooper Lawrence tells, “When you are that age and your boyfriend wants to keep your relationship private you think to yourself, ‘Well, it’s not good for his image, he has to appear to be single.’ You make excuses for him and rationalize it to yourself but then you see with the next girlfriend he is different … and it brings up every insecurity.”

Wouldn’t you be devastated if your ex paraded his new girlfriend around in front of you AND she was traveling with you? It does not seem like a coincidence Demi’s recent problems arose at the same time Ashley came to meet up with the tour in South America! She even told Teen Vogue earlier this year it, “sucked watching” Joe with other girls!

Joe, 21, and Demi met in 2007 when she auditioned for JONAS and started dating in early 2010, though didn’t go public until March! No sooner did they announce this then they were broken up in May! Less than two months later he had moved on to 23-year-old Ashley.

Dr. Gilda Carle, author of Teen Talk with Dr. Gilda ; A Girl’s Guide to Dating told, “She was in a relationship and he kept her hidden. When a guy keeps a woman hidden from everyone else he is denying her presence and value. If she had questionable feelings about her self-esteem, this certainly would have played into them.”

Joe has also been a notoriously blunt boyfriend, breaking up with ex Taylor Swift via a very brief phone call. She of course took her revenge by writing a song about him on her new album, Speak Now.

One thing we do not know is how Ashley treated Demi during their time together. It is likely the two were not super close and may have had a very awkward relationship. Then there is also the somewhat insensitive tweet Ashley sent out last night as Demi headed for treatment : “Tonight. Was. Incredible.”

Demi, like many teenage girls, was suffering from cutting and an eating disorder.

What do you think HollywoodLifers? Do you feel Demi’s pain of having to spend all her time with her ex, his girlfriend, and his family? Would you be just as sad and depressed if you were in her situation?

-Chris Spargo & Jennifer Murray