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BONNIE SAYS: Tish Cyrus' Alleged Affair With Bret Michaels May Have Hyper-Sexualized Miley!

Tue, November 2, 2010 7:39pm EDT by 17 Comments

Betrayal! Humiliation! Rage! Yes, Miley Cyrus could be feeling all these disturbing and conflicting emotions if the reports that her mother, Tish, had an affair with Bret Michaels, are true!

No matter how big a celebrity Miley is — the bottom line is that she is still a 17-year-old teenager AND there is almost nothing worse for any child than to have their family security destroyed. The rug has just been yanked out from under her feet in the most mortifying way: The world now knows Miley’s shameful secret — her mother is an alleged cheater.

“Teenagers are mortified enough by their parents’ behavior even when their parents are perfectly fine,” points out Beverly Hills psychologist Julie Armstrong. “Her mother has brought public shame on her.”

Her mother may also be responsible for Miley’s over-sexualized transformation in both her professional and personal life in the past year.

In her recent performances in three new videos, “Can’t Be Tamed,” “Who Owns My Heart,” and the new “The Big Bang,” Miley has groped men and women, writhed around on a bed, simulated girl-on-girl kissing, and dressed in corsets, tush-high skirts and over-the-knee boots.

In her personal life she has gone braless, showing off her nipples and side cleavage, has worn see-through tops over bras, and has been out until 4 a.m. partying in bars, even though she’s underage.

For all those wondering, “Where are Hannah Montana’s parents?” we now have an answer: Either busy with an alleged affair with rocker-bad boy Bret Michaels, or being suspicious about Tish’s alleged affair.

“Whether or not Tish Cyrus and Bret had an affair, Miley has undoubtedly seen her mom and Bret being flirtatious with each other. Miley is copying her mom’s sexually provocative behavior because she sees how much attention it brings her,” says Beverly Hills psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman.

Think about it: If Tish has been having an affair with Rock of Love‘s Bret Michaels, she’s acting out sexually. Why wouldn’t that influence her teenage daughter? Of course it would.

Miley’s dressing sexy could even be a slap in the face to her mom, believes Dr. Jeff Gardere. “She may be thinking, ‘I’m going to hurt you, like you hurt me.'”

And there’s no doubt she’s hurt. Any daughter would be. Her mom’s message is: “I put my own needs for attention and sex above my need to protect and take care of you and your siblings. I was willing to sacrifice our family for my own selfish needs.” Yup, that’s Tish’s message to Miley.

“Tish will have to answer to Miley for hurting and betraying her daughter. And if Tish is truly remorseful and honestly faces Miley and explains her behavior, Miley may be able to accept it,” believes psychologist Julie Armstrong. “But if Tish lies or tries to minimize what she did, Miley will not be able to trust Tish, and it will push Miley away.”

Well, that’s the last thing that vulnerable Miley needs. No matter how grown-up Miley thinks she is in her thigh-high boots and see-through tops, she’s still a little girl inside who needs a father AND a mother she can trust NOT to betray her!

–Bonnie Fuller


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