Bonnie Says: Kody Brown Talking About 'Wife Hunting' Is Gross On 'Sister Wives' Halloween Special!

Mon, November 1, 2010 11:56am EST by 5 Comments
Courtesy of TLC

Courtesy of TLC

Kody sure got over his wife-hunting distaste, cause sitting on ‘the couch’ with his four wives on the Oct. 31 Sister Wives special, he couldn’t wipe his s**t-eating grin off his face.

My guess is that despite the revelation that he didn’t originally want to hunt for a fourth wife — his new marriage to Robyn has brought the tiger out in Kody.

It’s also brought the glam out in wives number 1 to 3 — Meri, Janelle and Christine, who have all gotten a lot blonder, a little slimmer and more dolled up in mascara, since the end of season 2.

The family may be facing prosecution for polygamy since the show launched, but they are clearly enjoying their new found fame.

Outspoken wife, Christine admits that she’s the biggest attention hog of the family and seems to have reconciled herself to having wife #4 as part of the family. She admitted last night, that she had ( rightly) felt abandoned when Kody courted Robyn, and was especially disturbed when Kody helped Robyn choose her wedding dress.

“He didn’t care what my wedding dress was,” she groused. Not that I blame her. In fact, I totally felt Christine and other jealous wife, Meri’s, pain. Why wouldn’t ANY wife not be bugged by having to share their husband with another woman. Why shouldn’t Christine, who was pregnant with her sixth child by Kody, not be put out that he spent her pregnancy courting, younger, slimmer Robyn — Ye – ahh!

Apparently there are 35,000 polygamist families in Utah which makes you wonder why the murder rate isn’t higher there, but clearly these sister wives are really good at anger management and could teach us non-polygs a thing or two.

While the Browns didn’t make any major revelations, what was just as interesting as the Halloween special, were the previews for next weeks’ Kate and 8 ( take Alaska) special AND a new trailer for Sarah Palin’s Alaska, where Sarah practically challenged a mama bear attack her!

Between Kody and Sarah, the theme of the night was we are sooo happy being Manned-Up!

Stay tuned!

–Bonnie Fuller


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Esther joan

Posted at 5:23 PM on December 28, 2012  

I don’t know how Kody can handle four wives. My hubby and my friends and family guys can barely handle one. I sure wouldn’t want to share my hubby with other women. I’m woman enough for him….

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Posted at 6:35 PM on November 26, 2012  

Why do you bother watching /or keeping up- to -date what they are doing ,When all you are doing is judging and criticizing them.Let them be and live their own life.

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Posted at 5:06 AM on November 22, 2010  

If I was a guy, and a polygamist, I’d be wife hunting too. I mean look at his wives! Two are fat, one of the fatties (as you pointed out) always wants to be the center of attention, and the first wife has the face if Miss Piggy. He didn’t do much better with Robyn; yea, she’s 10 years younger than him and seems really nice, but she’s got a really masculine face. I don’t know, they all seem to be loving their catapult into the spotlight, and once the ratings on this show start to go down I can totally see the promo “Next week on ‘Sister Wives': Kody has a shocking announcement!”

Kody: “We’ve decided it’s time for a fifth wife!”
Meri: “We’ve always planned on a fifth wife, when the time is right of course.”
Janelle: “Yea I mean, it’s exciting! Maybe she has some good cooking recipes…I absolutely LOVE food!” *grabs her shirt mic and nibbles in it* “Whoops! I thought it was an Oreo crumb!” *giggles*
Robyn (7 months pregnant with her 9th child): Oh please God I hope she’s young. The other wives’ eggs are all dried up and I’m having to have the rest of the kids. MY UTERUS IS GOING TO FALL OUT!”
Christine: “It’s just not fair! Kody never took ME on dates while we were courting! He just said “let’s get married!” and the next day I woke up, threw on a Hefty bag and said ‘I do.’ Kody never let ME buy a brand new car! I had to take the other wives’ hand me down cars! Kody never – mmph, phmhp, mmmmmHPPPPPP.”
Kody (covering Christine’s mouth): “I just can’t WAIT to tell the kids about the courtship! I love that word! Courtship, courtship, COOOUURRRTSHIIIIIIP!!!!”

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Posted at 9:01 AM on August 12, 2012  

Weren’t they barely able to get houses as it is? How do they afford all these wives and kids?
This isn’t very nice but, I hope he gets crabs!

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Posted at 7:34 PM on November 2, 2010  

i like the murder rate comment… ;)

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