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How To Have A Happy Halloween — 10 Tips For Safe Trick-or-Treating!

Sun, October 31, 2010 7:00am EDT by Add first Comment


Here’s how to have a fun and safe time trick-or-treating with your kiddies!

No matter whether you’re dressing up like Gwen Stefani, 41, or trying for casual cool, like her husband, Gavin Rossdale, 44, when you take your little monsters out on Halloween, these are the top 10 safety tips you need to keep in mind.

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Top 10 tips for having a safe and fun Trick-or-Treating experience (as recommended by the NY Nassau Country Police Department):

  1. Take your kids out during “daylight hours.”
  2. Make sure you kids wear easy-to-see colors. “Lighter colors are always better,” suggests Officer Maureen Roach.
  3. Don’t let them wear masks. “Visual capability is important,” says Officer Roach. “Kids tend to trip. Parents should be aware of where their kids are walking.”
  4. Young kids should be accompanied by a parent. “It’s up to the parents [to decide what age is appropriate for kids to go trick-or-treating on their own], but we recommend that children younger than 12 are accompanied by an adult,” says Officer Roach. “No trick-or-treater should go by themselves.”
  5. Don’t let your kids walk up to dark houses. Also be aware of blind spots. Officer Roach says, “If you can’t see clearly, don’t let them go up to the house. Always keep the child in eyesight.”
  6. Buy your kids costumes that are made of “flame-resistant material.”
  7. Have your children wear comfortable shoes. “Sneakers are the best to wear,” says Officer Roach, “so their feet don’t hurt and you don’t have to carry them.”
  8. Stay in groups. It’s more fun for the kids and easier to watch them.
  9. Plan a route for your kids, making sure they are on the safest roads and targeting welcoming houses.
  10. “If they go trick-or-treating at nighttime, make sure they have illumination,” says Officer Roach. Taking a flashlight is a good idea.

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We hope these tips help you and your kids have a safe and enjoyable Halloween! Do you have any additional tips? Leave them in the comments section below!

–Lindsey DiMattina

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