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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: You Should Always Stay Civil With Your Ex, Like Charlie Sheen & Denise Richards, For Your Kids' Sake!

Fri, October 29, 2010 1:23pm EDT by Add first Comment

Even when a relationship is over, you should still put on a stoic face in front of your kids — they don’t need to see you fighting with your ex!

Children deserve way more credit than we give them. They’re hyper-aware of what’s going on around them, and if you think they’re not going to notice the hostile relationship you have with an ex husband, lover or boyfriend, you’re wrong — which is why you need to play nicely, a la Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

Despite Charlie’s recent scandal — he was caught naked, incoherent and reportedly on drugs with a female escort at NYC’s Plaza Hotel — his ex-wife clearly is putting on a good front.

“I’m hanging out with Charlie in New York, I came here with my daughters it’s their first time in New York, he wanted to come along,” she told Howard Stern. “I guess you could say it’s hunky dory, it’s been an eventful trip … I have a lot of crap to deal with … my life if never boring it’s always something.”

Granted, I’m guessing that’s not what Denise, 39, REALLY wanted to say. She probably wanted to light into Charlie, 45, for being such an irresponsible mess. Not only did he embarrass himself, but his kids, Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, are certainly going to hear about his behavior one day, if they haven’t already.

Regardless, Denise is making a good judgement call by not dissing her ex, and her lighthearted approach to the scandal makes me think pretty highly of her as a person. “I didn’t think I was going to change him,” she told Stern. “When I met him he was different. We are getting along very well right now. He is a very unique and colorful individual. Personally, I think he should stay single and live the bachelor life for ever. He’s like the character on his show [Two and a Half Men]. He should stay single and have fun with whoever.”

THIS is the perfect example of how you should handle a relationship with your ex. Granted, your former lover probably won’t be causing $20,000 in damages and cavorting with hookers, but you get my drift. Remain friendly with your ex and NEVER trash him in front of your kids, no matter how awful he may be. Remember, you set the example for your children. They’re going to follow in your footsteps — and no matter how little you may love their dad, it never hurts anyone to be the bigger person.


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