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KIRSTIN SAYS: Don't Take Away My Favorite Lesbians From 'Grey's Anatomy!'

Fri, October 29, 2010 3:06am EDT by 11 Comments

Courtesy of ABC

At first, the most upsetting part about Grey’s Anatomy Oct. 28 was the documentary-style shooting — then they tried to write out Arizona and Callie and I’m officially distraught!

Grey’s Anatomy took a very random turn Oct. 28 — for some strange reason, the writers thought we’d enjoy watching The Office meets Law and Order in a hospital. However, contrary to their beliefs, I didn’t enjoy the whole documentary feel. The so-called “documentary creators” focused on the shooting incident from last season’s finale, while tying it into this season’s surgeries. Ultimately, I missed the fancy edits and alternative music from the usual episodes…but mostly, I was upset by the new storyline at the end of the episode: WHERE ARE THEY TAKING ARIZONA AND CALLIE?

Here are my six gut reactions to tonight’s episode:

  • When I found out Arizona’s (Jessica Capshaw) fancy grant is going to take her to AFRICA and away from Callie (Sara Ramirez), I freaked out. Did I miss this caveat last episode? Then, when Callie says at the end of the episode she’s going to Africa with Arizona, I weeped. What are they doing to me? I don’t deserve this abuse.
  • Seeing the patients (ie: Mandy Moore‘s character) outside of the hospital was freaky. I came to the sudden realization the doctors are more interesting than the patients. By a long shot.
  • However, the arm people are AWESOME! When the arm transplant patient finds out he is going to get arms with a tattoo (something that throws off most patients in the same situation), both his wife and he react with the coolest attitude. “I love the name Nicole,” the arm needer said after finding out his new arm says, “Nicole.” His wife agreed, “I will change my name to Nicole.” These people are the SWEETEST patients EVER.
  • How funny is it that Little Grey (Chyler Leigh) can’t get into the hospital because of the new intense security system? (Although I wanted to punch her when she risked a patient’s life by setting the security system off and locking doors to the intensive care unit.)
  • Does Mandy Moore ALWAYS play a sick person? Although her story line wasn’t as touching as the kid who needs a trachea, Mandy reminded me of her character in the most important flick of my sophomore year, A Walk To Remember. SIDE NOTE: I love seeing Mandy on the small screen!
  • Cristina (Sandra Oh) needs to pull it freaking together! After last week’s episode, I was positive she was back to normal. Boy, was I wrong. The only redeeming trait of her character in tonight’s episode was the ending…and even that was dark and twisted. “[I’m] blessed to be here. Blessed to saving lives…every day,” she said, before adding, “Being a hero has it’s price…”What did YOU think of tonight’s “documentary” episode? Will Arizona and Callie ACTUALLY go to Africa? Will Cristina be back to her old self? Sound off below!


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