The Teenage Daughters of 'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Are Acting Out. Why Are We Not Surprised?

Thu, October 28, 2010 9:00am EST by 7 Comments

Kody Brown and his four wives have their hands full keeping up with their 18 kids — especially now that the teenagers are rebelling. We’re not shocked that the oldest girls in this polygamist family are being disobedient, are you?

Dealing with a teenage daughter isn’t exactly smooth sailing, but when you’ve got 18 kids? Forget about it! The stars of the TLC reality show Sister Wives Kody Brown and his four wives (Meri, 39, Janelle, 40, Christine, 37, and Robyn, 31) — have got to be stretched to their limits keeping up with so many kids, but their problems with their rebellious teens have reportedly gotten a lot worse since the show’s premiere on TLC last month. “The daughters seem messed up from this situation,” a neighbor who lives near the Brown’s Lehi, Utah, home tells In Touch. “It is no wonder that the teenagers of the Sister Wives family are rebelling. They are living in a surreal world where they are being told that it’s natural and wonderful for a man to have several wives,” Beverly Hills celebrity psychiatrist Dr. Carole Lieberman tells

Other locals agree that the teenage members of the Brown brood have a tendency to rebel. Madison, a pretty brunette, has began running with a rough crowd of kids. “Her group of friends was caught popping pills in school,” says a source, adding that the 14-year-old tends to hang out with “Goths” and “druggies.” “Some nights she sneaks out to smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, and her sisters Mykelti and Aspyn have covered for her.” HollyMoms, what would you do if your daughter started sneaking out and developing unhealthy habits?

Dr. Lieberman tells that she isn’t surprised that the kids are behaving badly and she’s placing blame on the parents. “The wives are in denial and are extremely damaging role-models for their daughters. They are teaching their daughters that they are not worth much, either — and that no man will love them,” she explains. “The daughters are being self-destructive because their mothers have thrust them into a soul-damaging lifestyle. Each additional wife stirs up jealousies and resentments, plunging them into darker despair.”

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It looks like Mykelti, 13, is also following in her big sister’s footsteps. “She dyed her hair bright red a few weeks ago. It looks absolutely ridiculous,” says the neighbor, who is quick to point out that the teen goes out in public in short-shorts and sexy clothing, even in cold weather!

Are Kody and his wives hurting their kids?

Dr. Lieberman says this is a classic cry for attention. “The daughters’ rebellion is a cry for help, a plea to be noticed and recognized for their own feelings — which are really at odds with their family. They are being forced to pretend for the cameras that they love — or at least accept – living in a polygamous family. But, deep down they know that it is very sick.”

We suggest the Brown’s forget about another season of their reality show, kick the cameras out of their house and put the spotlight back on parenting. Do you agree?

–Amy L. Harper

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Posted at 1:28 AM on May 18, 2012  

Maybe one reason the kids hang out with the outsiders is due to being ostracized by the more mainstream kids because they are from a polygamist background. I would expect the same of children of lesbian parents living in the Bible Belt.

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Tis a secret

Posted at 8:36 PM on March 29, 2012  

when i was in 8th grade maddie, mykelti, aspen and mariah were my best friends. i know all their secrets. i have proof i know them, i have pictures i have taken with them and their old boyfriends. i want to like show people them on the internet and idk how to. the browns are doing all this for money and fame.

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Rita La Fleur

Posted at 1:49 AM on November 28, 2011  

Oh give it a rest Hollywood Dr!! These kids are in a situation that is unfair (state wise) but they are familiar with their lifestyle from day one! They are like most teenagers that sometimes have identity problems. Who the hell are you to preach to them about their Religion Beliefs when you know nothing about it? Polygamy is how they were brought up and they had to move to another state to be SAFE from “Prosecution/ Persecution” Give them a break!

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Posted at 3:21 AM on September 26, 2011  

Why doesn’t the media leave this family alone. I know they have put all there business about their lives out there for the world to see and I am personally glad they did. Who are we to say what normal is, hell this family is the most normal I have seen in a long time. I don’t promote polygamy but I also as a christian am not going to judge them. They have a loving father and yes 4 loving mothers that make sure these children have a balanced family and social life, they are taught that there is the same God that we all believe in. There are a lot of families that the media should be looking at but the Brown family needs to be left alone. I only wish I knew them personally.

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Posted at 9:59 PM on May 19, 2011  

Um…. I know madison. She does NOT do drugs, smoke, drink, or hang out with Goths or druggies. I know the family well. As much as I disagree with polygamy, I think it’s a little messed up that people just go off what they think is a reliable ‘source’, even if it hurts somebody. In this case, you’re hurting the kids more than polygamy ever could.

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Posted at 4:40 PM on November 5, 2010  

Why would you write such hateful comments with the girls names. They are teen girls who have all the normal presures. They don’t need to be slandered in this manner. I know both of these girls they are caring, loving, well mannered children.

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Posted at 10:48 AM on October 29, 2010  

I’m not condoning polygamy and agree with what Dr. Lieberman offers as an analysis of what may be going on. My upbringing and my Christian values are light-years apart from this bizaare situation. However, I also have been living overseas for several years and maybe have a different perspective of this Utah twist on “normal” American family life. Muslim people in many parts of the developed world — and undeveloped world — have sister wives. Non-Muslims — Christians! — in several parts of the former Soviet Union, for example, have wives (who are held up on pedestals as the mother of the man’s children) and girlfriends (who are the ones the men have the most “fun” with). In both of these examples, the situations are considered “normal” not just by the fully-knowing men and women involved, but by the society in which these people live. In this story, these folks are living in Utah, which gave up polygamy as a way to gain statehood. As history shows around the world, people will change their “clothes” to match what they need and are being offered at the moment, but they can’t change the essence of themselves as easily. These are white folks in Utah, so we extend our “general” American “values” onto them. If they were Muslims or first-generation Christian immigrants, perhaps the diagnosis might be different. Bottomline, it is difficult to explain to my students here overseas about things like this because they have bought into the hype we freely export — loose women (everyy American woman will sleep with anyone because that’s what they see in movies), the N-word (tho it’s the word for “black” in Russian they don’t understand why they can’t use it since it’s in so much of the music they hear), and so on. Just my take as an American from a wilderness outside America….

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