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Celine Dion Can't Decide On Names For Her New Babies, And Says She's In No Rush To Lose The Baby Weight!

Thu, October 28, 2010 10:26am EDT by Add first Comment

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Celine Dion’s twins arrived a little early, which really caught the singer off guard. Their nursery wasn’t even finished when she went into the hospital!

Celine Dion‘s baby boys arrived sooner that expected, weighing in at 5 lbs., 10 oz. and 5lbs., 4oz., and they couldn’t have come to a more excited mom! But when it comes to what she’s going to name the boys, they’ll just have to wait a little while longer because their parents are still playing the name game! “I’ve read nearly 15,000 names and nothing has stuck!” the Canadian born singer, who already has a 9-year-0ld son, Rene-Charles, tells Gala magazine.

“Because Rene-Charles goes to school in the United States, he’s suggested English first names,” Celina says. “My mother, on the other hand, has been hinting about very French first names and we’re going a little bit crazy trying to decide.”

Her husband René Angelil, 68, says, “It would be easy to say, ‘You choose one, I’ll choose the other,’ but we want to agree.”

The twins’ names aren’t the only things Celine didn’t sort out before the twins were born. She told Hello! Canada that the nursery wasn’t complete by the time she had to check into the hospital, but an insider tells Star magazine that, “Celine’s staff adores her, so they worked overtime and weekends to finish it for her,” adding that the singer will be very surprised when she sees it. The insider also says that the nursery will have all-black furniture in contrast to their home’s overall white decor. Sounds like persistence and good karma paid off for the excited parents in more ways than one!

Rene cried during the birth of his twin boys

Celine admits she would have loved to have a daughter, but she’s pleased as punch about her two new little guys. “Honestly if I had a choice, certainly I’d have liked to have a girl,” she says. “But the day I learned that I was expecting two boys, I wasn’t disappointed. It was a day of tremendous joy.”

Celine opens up about her IVF nightmare

And even though she’s scheduled to go back to her Las Vegas show in March, she has no intentions of starving herself for the next five months to lose the 40 pounds she packed on. “I don’t care about my figure,” says Celine. “I never have and I’m not worried. In any case, I’m not going on any diet because I want to breastfeed… Besides I have a really good stylist and if it’s a question of going up a dress size or two — well, so be it.”

It’s great to see a celebrity more excited about spending time with her newborns than she is about fitting back in to her skinny jeans!

–Amy L. Harper

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