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Charlie Sheen Vs. Lindsay Lohan! A Lawyer & An Entertainment Expert Explain Why Charlie Gets A Free Pass…And Lindsay Can't Get Work!

Wed, October 27, 2010 6:05pm EDT by 2 Comments

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Why is it that Charlie Sheen gets away with being an out-of-control mess, but Lindsay Lohan gets blacklisted from Hollywood? Here’s why!

Collectively Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan haven’t had the most successful year. Charlie, 45, got into a domestic dispute with his former wife over Christmas and subsequently, landed himself in jail and then in rehab. Most recently, on Oct. 26, the New York police found Charlie intoxicated and naked in his hotel room and took him to a hospital in an ambulance. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Lindsay violated her parole multiple times and spent time in jail and rehab as well. In fact, after testing positive for cocaine AGAIN, she’s currently in rehab at the Betty Ford Clinic.

Despite both getting into their fair share of legal and health problems, Charlie and Lindsay’s careers have taken completely different paths. While Charlie’s TV career continues to thrive with his hit CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men, Lindsay is struggling to book quality work — she’s practically uninsurable! Los Angeles-based criminal attorney Steve Cron and producer, casting director and creator of BigIsGood.TV Lauren Lloyd explain to why it seems like Charlie’s getting a free pass and Lindsay’s getting put in the dog house!

Lindsay is in court-ordered rehab and failed court-ordered drug tests; Charlie’s were private!

  • CRON:  “Lindsay is ordered by a judge to test regularly and complete a rehab program. He’s not. He has no obligation to show the court any of his tests. He can hide behind that veil of secrecy and confidentiality and not have that made public.”

CBS has too much riding on Charlie…and Lindsay hasn’t had a hit in years!

  • LLOYD: It’s a big franchise. If they lose charlie, what do they have? I think it would be different for Lindsay if she had a show that she was doing. He’s more valuable.

Charlie is older; he has established himself. Lindsay is too young to be getting into so much trouble!

  • LLOYD: Lindsay’s also younger. She’s less established. Besides, Charlie IS his character — his character is a bad boy.

Men get away with more than women.

  • LLOYD: Women are expected to act a certain way. I think in society (and in Hollywood) men get away with being the bad boy. Bad girls aren’t encouraged.

Charlie works hard, and then plays hard. Lindsay doesn’t show up to work.

  • LLOYD: I don’t know that Charlie’s partying has ever affected him at work. He shows up on time and gets it down. Lindsay, on the other hand, isn’t dependable in the slightest.

Regardless of the various nuances, both Cron and Lloyd agree that hiring either Lindsay or Charlie right now for any type of production is risky.

–Kirstin Benson