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Charlie Sheen’s Daughters Sam And Lola Have Already Been Affected By His Bad Behavior, Experts Tell HollyBaby

Wed, October 27, 2010 5:23pm EDT by 1 Comment

After trashing a hotel room, Charlie Sheen could be facing another stay in rehab. While he may be getting help, experts tell HollyBaby that the damage has already been done to his daughters Sam and Lola. In fact, Charlie’s antics could be making his girls physically ill.

Just hours after Charlie Sheen destroyed his hotel room, his ex-wife Denise Richards, who was sleeping in the next room with their daughters Lola and Sam, spoke out about the incident. While the 38-year-old insists that both girls are oblivious to what their daddy did, experts disagree and warn that little Sam, 6, and Lola, 5, are losing out on having a normal childhood — and are in danger of having low self-esteem as well as other psychological issues, thanks to Charlie’s historically bad behavior.

“Having a substance-abusing parent is one of the primary causes of child psychiatric illness,” Manhattan-based child psychiatrist Dr. Susan Abbott tells She’s especially concerned about Sam and Lola’s well-being because little girls tend to internalize family problems, which can lead to a plethora of problems. “They could have self-esteem issues as well as problems formulating their own personalities. They may believe that if Charlie is defective, then they must be as well.”

Unrepentant Charlie Sheen is in denial about the hotel debacle

Looking at any picture of the girls reveals that they’re lacking confidence. Little Lola and Sam are adorable, yet they are rarely are photographed looking up or smiling, and their eyes tend to be downcast. Dr. Abbott says it’s no surprise the girls are looking down, because when your dad is as destructive as Charlie is, there isn’t a whole lot to be proud of. “It’s natural for them to think that they’re the cause of their dad’s problems,” explains Dr. Abbott. “They probably think that they weren’t good enough to keep him off drugs.”

That’s a lot of guilt for two little girls to carry around. Dr. Abbott fears that eventually Denise’s daughters could develop eating disorders because while they have no control over their dad’s actions, they do have control over what they put inside their bodies. “They can also turn into overachievers as a way of rebelling against their dad.”

Why Denise is sticking by Charlie’s side

Denise turned to Twitter to defend her girls on Monday (Oct. 25), saying, “For the record, my kids hate the paparazzi. I can assure everyone they are very happy,” she tweeted. But, Dr. Abbott warns that their unhappiness has less to do with photographers and more to do with their papa. “Denise looks thin and stressed out right now and if she’s stressed, then you can be sure that her girls are stressed,” says Dr. Abbott, who adds that besides emotional issues, Sam and Lola are also at risk of developing physical problems including severe headaches and stomach aches due to too much stress.

Charlie’s episode won’t affect the filming of ‘Two and a Half Men’

Denise swears that the girls don’t know anything about what happened in the room next door during Charlie’s meltdown at the Plaza Hotel on Monday night, but Dr. Abbott finds that hard to believe. “We’ve all been in hotels and heard plenty of things we didn’t want to, so I find it doubtful that the girls slept straight through Charlie’s rampage,” says Dr. Abbott, who praises Denise for divorcing Charlie. “That was the best thing she could have done for her daughters. She helped protect them by divorcing him and removing him from their daily lives.” But she’s not letting her off the hook for believing that her girls are oblivious. “Sam is older and is probably more alert to what’s going on than Lola is. But if their parents are pretending that nothing’s wrong, it’s only going to lead to bigger problems and make the girls question their parents’ honesty.”

We certainly hope that it’s not too late to give these girls from a life free of drama and disappointment.

–Amy L. Harper

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