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Bonnie Says: Yay! The First New Episode of '16 And Pregnant' Shows Teen Momhood As The Tough, Exhausting Road It Is!

Wed, October 27, 2010 6:22pm EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of MTV

For all of you who’ve been worried that the Teen Mom/16 and Pregnant TV phenomenon is glamorizing teen pregnancy, fear no more.

The first episode of MTV’s new season of 16 and Pregnant makes no bones about how tough teen motherhood truly is — EVEN with two supportive parents and a responsible baby daddy!

The episode followed high schooler Brooke and her boyfriend Cody through the discovery of her pregnancy, their quickie wedding, their prep for the baby, the actual birth of son Brody, and the EXHAUSTING aftermath.

What’s a real puzzler here is why Brooke ended up a pregnant teen, Her mother, Misty, was a teen mom as well and went to the nth degree to teach her daughter about birth control. She even bought Brooke condoms and showed her how to put one on — using a cucumber. Brooke herself is smart, practical and an achiever — not the sort of low self esteem, ambitionless girl that you might think would end up knocked up. Instead she cries when she thinks she might not be able to finish her high school and get her diploma, and she pushes new husband Cody to do his homework and graduate early.

The couple struggles to live up to Brooke’s parents expectations. The couple lives with them and has a heavy load of chores in exchange for rent. Good for Brooke’s parents for ensuring that the couple has to accept responsibility for their behavior.

But boy, it is a struggle for the teen couple to care for baby Brody, for Brooke to go to school, Cody to work in a convenience store and for the pair to do their chores. Brooke is sooo exhausted in front of MTV’s camera, she can barely keep her eyes open.

The tale of Brooke and Cody is super sobering. They’re sweet kids who should have known better then to have their own kid.

Now their dreams for a home, education, careers — ALL put on hold. 16 and Pregnant is a big BEWARE! Better than a condom!

–Bonnie Fuller


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