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Denise Richards Talks Charlie Sheen After Alleged Overdose: It's Been An Eventful Trip — I Have A Lot Of Crap To Deal With!

Tue, October 26, 2010 2:50pm EDT by Chloe Melas 1 Comment

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Just a few hours after Charlie was rushed to the hospital, his ex-wife Denise Richards went on the Howard Stern Radio Show and talked about all the ‘crap’ she has to deal with.

Denise Richards talked to Howard Stern early this morning about Charlie Sheen‘s hotel-room-trashing — even though Howard didn’t know it at the time — and clearly sounded like she’d already been through a lot.

Early this morning, police were called to NYC’s Plaza Hotel because Charlie had trashed his hotel room leaving $10,000 in damages. 

“I’m hanging out with Charlie in New York, I came here with my daughters it’s their first time in New York, he wanted to come along,” she says laughing. “I guess you could say it’s hunky dory, it’s been an eventful trip … I have a lot of crap to deal with … my life if never boring it’s always something.”

Granted, Howard had no clue that Charlie had just been found incoherent and naked in his trashed hotel room with an alleged naked escort. Howard went on to ask Denise why she would ever have married Charlie in the first place.

“I didn’t think I was going to change him,” she said. “When I met him he was different. We are getting along very well right now. He is a very unique and colorful individual. Personally, I think he should stay single and live the bachelor life for ever. He’s like the character on his show [Two and a Half Men]. He should stay single and have fun with whoever.”

Life & Style is reporting that Charlie had the personal choice of whether to go to jail or to the hospital. was just on the scene and we hear he has yet to leave the hospital.

— Chloe Melas