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Exclusive! Jill Zarin Advises — If You Think Your Child Is Being Bullied, You MUST Interfere!

Mon, October 25, 2010 3:47pm EDT by 3 Comments

Bullying can be lethal — we’ve seen that.

So if you think your child has been the victim of a serious bullying incident or that the bullying is repetitive, you MUST interfere.

I am very sensitive to bullying because I was bullied as a child. It happened to me twice. The first time was when I was very young — just in first or second grade and I remember that children threw rocks at me.

The second time, I was emotionally bullied when I was in fourth or fifth grade. There were two girls who ganged up on me. They started making funny phone calls to my house and would call over and over and hang up when I answered. I would have to take the phone off the hook, but it would start right back up when I put it back on. This went on for months. It made me feel very insecure and left out because these two girls were ringleaders at school, I had no friends.

Fortunately, my mother interfered. She realized I was having problems at school and so she did two things. First, she started sending me to meet with a psychologist and second — she worked with me to find an activity that I could be good at. That turned out to be ice skating lessons which I went to three or four times a week very early in the morning before school at 5am.

I liked skating and although ironically it was very competitive and I didn’t make friends — it gave me confidence because I was so much better at skating than all the other kids at my school.

Then by the time I got to middle school, the girls who bullied me were in different classes and because we were separated, the bullying stopped.

Now today, I think that bullying can be much more intense for kids. If you can see or sense that something is wrong with your child and you suspect bullying you must go to the school and talk to the principal.

Join the PTA and  go to the meetings. Often parents involved in the PTA often know what’s going on with bullying situations at the school and they can fill you in!

Also make friends with other parents in your child’s class or classes. Then if you find out that your child is being bullied you can more easily talk to them and enlist their help in speaking to their own children.

Now, if your child is in middle or high school, the bullying can be even more serious – it can be cyberbullying -and you have to be invasive. You need to know their facebook password and you must check their pages.

Be Prepared to take Extreme Measures! If your child is really being humiliated and terrified by bullying you may need to pull them out of their current school immediately and register them in a new school, even if you have to move towns.

You can’t ignore how emotionally devastating, bullying can be and how it has recently lead to several tragic teen suicides.

I think kids deserve a second chance. They shouldn’t have to suffer so terribly that they would contemplate suicide.

If your child is telling you that the bullying is so bad that they have to get out  of school — then get them out. Like I said before, bullying can lethal and it’s your job to protect your child!

–Jill Zarin