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Octomom's Doctor Finally Admits 'I Wish I Had Never Done It'!

Sat, October 23, 2010 8:30am EDT by Add first Comment

After insisting for over a year that he did nothing wrong, the Beverly Hills fertility specialist acknowledges he made a big mistake by implanting so many embryos into Nadya Suleman.

His bad judgment made Nadya Suleman a household name as “Octomom,” and now, after almost two years of denials, Dr. Michael Kamrava tearfully admitted his enormous mistake by implanting 12 embryos at once into Nayda’s womb that resulted in her giving birth to eight kids. “I’m sorry for what happened. When I look back at it, I wish I had never done it and it will never happen again,” he said through tears during an administrative hearing in Los Angeles to decide whether or not he’d be able to keep his medical license.

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Dr. Kamrava had come under fire for implanting a dozen embryos into Nadya during one procedure, even though the then 33-year-old single mom was having a hard time caring for the six kids she already had (and had conceived through IVF procedures performed by Dr. Kamrava).

He testified that Nadya had promised to reduce the number of fetuses if she became pregnant with more than three, but after he implanted the 12 embryos, he never heard from her again. He claims to have tried repeatedly to contact her, but when she did not return his messages, he assumed she was getting proper care.

Later, when he heard that a local woman had given birth to eight children, he suspected she was the mother. That was confirmed when she called him from her hospital room and asked him what she should tell people. Dr. Kamrava says that he advised Nadya to tell the truth, instead she told reporters that she’s had six embryos implanted and two had divided. (Guidelines recommend that only two embryos should be implanted at a time.)

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He said tearfully that Nadya’s pregnancy made him sad: “It’s a very risky pregnancy. She’s lucky she made it through, both for the babies and her.”

Responding to the notes the doctor made leading up to and during the procedure, officials believe that not only should he not have implanted the embryos at all, but that he also should have sent Nadya, now 35, for a mental health evaluation.

The fertility doctor’s change of heart is a far cry from his original stance, when he appeared on Nightline last year to defend himself and said that Nadya’s case “was done the right way… under the circumstances.”

–Roger Singer