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KIRSTIN SAYS: Thank Goodness, Cristina Broke Out Of Her Funk — She’s Actually A Doctor Again!

Fri, October 22, 2010 3:24am EDT by 1 Comment

Courtesy of ABC

We’ve watched Cristina Yang go from being the most successful resident at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital to becoming practically mute — and FINALLY, we saw a glimmer of her old self in the Oct. 21 episode!

There have only been five episodes in the season seven of Grey’s Anatomy, but I was sick to death of watching the formerly brilliant Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) struggle in surgeries, conversations and even at basic life skills because she was still shaken up from the hospital shootings in the last season finale. Finally, at the very end of the Oct. 21 episode titled “Almost Grown,” Cristina reverts back to her old bossy, driven self — and I can’t be more pleased!

In an unprecedented move, the chief puts the residents (including Cristina, Meredith, April and Jackson) in charge for a day, while the attending surgeons fight to get funds for their special projects.

The typically mousy April (Sarah Drew) is forced to work with Cristina on a patient named Roy who needs a new set of lungs. When it comes for the girls to plead their case to put Roy on the transplant list, April chickens out and falls apart. Standing in the back of the room, Cristina mumbles something cynically, causing the whole panel to turn around, shocked.

She proceeds to plead her emotionally-driven case as to why Roy deserves to be on the list. “Roy has it!” she says passionately. “If we give him the lungs, it won’t be a waste because he will live. I know it!”

Impressed with her gumption, the panel sides with Cristina and Roy gets his lungs.

Honestly, I am just so tickled to have Cristina back into the world of the living, that I’m not going to point out that that her shining moment wasn’t even based in fact — she just FELT something and that was allegedly enough for a panel of world-successful surgeons to make an otherwise irrational decision.

Another random thought:

Meanwhile, down the hall in the pediatrics ward, Alex Korev (Justin Chambers) convinces a 13-year-old boy and his overly protective mother that the teenager needs to remove his man boobs — and we even catch a glimpse of the unsightly, saggy breasts. Who knew you can show boobs on primetime television as long as they belong to a boy? I certainly didn’t.

What did YOU think of “Almost Grown?” Were you happy to see the old Cristina again?


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