LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: 'Teen Mom' Stars Maci & Kyle And Catelynn & Tyler Should NOT Get Married — They're Way Too Young!

Thu, October 21, 2010 12:18pm EST by 7 Comments
Courtesy of MTV

Teen Mom stars Maci and Kyle and Catelynn and Tyler are all planning on marrying — but are they too young to wed? Should they wait?

Do teenage romances ever last? I’d like to say yes, but I’ve got some serious doubts.

Take Teen Mom stars Maci Bookout, Kyle KingCatelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra as an example. Both couples are planning on tying the knot — but they’re far too young to do so!

Maci and Catelynn want to provide father figures for their children, which is commendable, but don’t they want to take the time to find someone who’s really right for them? Although I have no kids of my own, in my experience it’s best to fully know yourself before you can share your life with someone else and to be at peace with who you are. These girls need to dedicate and devote their time to their children — and should hold off on getting married until they’re older.

Perhaps it’s naive of me to say, but we have such a cavalier attitude towards marriage these days. It’s not “I do” forever — it’s “I do promise to try for now.” If you’re ready to make a genuine commitment and ready to work at making it last, then I say go for it — but you should never plan on marrying if you’re not 100% sure it’s going to last.

Starry-eyed, naive and innocent? Sure am. But for me, the prospect of rushing into something I would have only regretted later is far worse than being a hopeless romantic.


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Posted at 12:40 AM on June 20, 2011  

I parshly agree with you, me and my fiance met when we were 16 it has now been 4 years and he proposed last month but the wedding will not be for several more years. We are finishing up college and dont think we are old enough. We love eachother and have been through alot like these teens but that is no reason for us to rush.
I can understand catelynn and tyler because they have been toghter for a long time and dont plan to marry anytime soon. As for maci and kyle they are rushing, they are cute together but have only been together for a year they have lots of time to get to know eachother better. I hope they do marry but in a few years.

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Posted at 3:29 AM on February 17, 2011  

My husband and I met in my ninth grade year, he was a junior. In my senior year we found out I was pregnant, and at the end of the year I had our son. We got married this last December, and have never been happier. We’ve both put aside all of the nonsense. I was working full-time, and he joined the Army, which he’d always wanted to do, anyway, but now I’ve had to start being at home to be with our son, as well as take care of my grandparents. Age isn’t necessarily the deciding factor on whether you’re ready for marriage, it’s all about maturity, love (And I mean REAL love, not this crap most kids I know think is love.), as well as the willingness to MAKE the relationship work.

There are always going to be hard times, no matter how in love you are, and you have to pull on your big girl pants and move on.

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Sweet Teens

Posted at 12:04 AM on October 24, 2010  

Catelynn and Tyler are so beautiful together.
They are so intelligent and they each have such a kind and loving heart.
Maci is a very loving mother but she needs to appreciate the love and support her own parents want to give her. What is her plan to dump her child in day care all day? Maci needs to let her parents help her because she is a teenager.

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Posted at 5:18 PM on October 21, 2010  

I don’t know that people have a ‘cavalier’ attitude towards marriage….maybe they’re just naively optimistic and uneducated to the differences between LOVE and MARRIAGE…I think they probably do mean ‘forever’ when they say it, but when forever ends up feeling like a lifetime prison sentence they want OUT. We’re egocentric in America..why live an unhappy life if you don’t have to?

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Posted at 4:03 PM on October 21, 2010  

This article was completely incorrect. Catelynn cannot focus solely on her child as she gave her up for adoption. And when you say “father figure” it is not correct to say because Tyler is not a figure he is the biological father but again she doesn’t actually raise her baby. Otherwise I agreed as far as maci goes.

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Posted at 3:15 PM on October 21, 2010  

i completely agree with you! just bc theyre young doesnt mean theyre not going to work!! i was 18 when i got married, and i know im only 20 now, but i love my husband with all my heart, and we’ve already been through a lot of hard stuff, and we’ve made it and are happier for it. there are some people that are too immature for marriage at a young age, but both of these couples have shown their maturity time and time again.

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Posted at 2:12 PM on October 21, 2010  

laura, as a hopeless romantic, maybe you should believe in these guys! i have seen teen loves stand the test of time. in the ‘olden days’ that’s actually what most marriages were! i can tell you from experience, also, that once you’ve made it on your own (i.e., have a happy single life and can financially support yourself), you’re much less willing to sign it all away to compromise your independence by marrying someone. you are a hopeless romantic, you say, and i am a jaded skeptic, i say. but somehow, i am the one thinking, ‘why not’, and you’re saying, DON’T DO IT! i don’t see why anybody would want to get married, but god bless those young fools that do- best wishes to them. a wise person once told me that the most important thing for a marriage to work is having the same goals in mind (family, work, etc.). if they’ve got that, the growing up part might not get in their way. they can grow up together.

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