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How Jaycee Dugard Told Her Two Kids That She Was Their Mom, Not Their Sister

Thu, October 21, 2010 10:00am EDT by Add first Comment

Jaycee Dugard is finally getting to enjoy doing the normal daily activities that she missed out on while being held captive for 18 years by Phillip and Nancy Garrido. But it’s not all relaxing bike rides and trips to the ice cream shop — Jaycee had to break the news to her daughters that she was their mother, not their sister, as they were raised to believe.

Our hearts go out to Jaycee Dugard. After being kidnapped when she was 11, she spent nearly 20 years living in tent, eating bugs and repeatedly being raped in the backyard of her captors Phillip and Nancy Garrido‘s Antioch, CA, home. Her unimaginable nightmare came to an end when she was finally rescued last year. Today the 30-year-old is trying to live as normal of a life as possible, with the help of a team of therapists and her family.

Jaycee, who received a $20 million settlement from the State of California in July (because state officials failed to find her during visits to convicted rapist Garrido’s home), now lives in a rented four-bedroom home on a quiet tree-lined street in Northern California, with her two daughters — Starlit, 15, and Angel, 11.

Jaycee’s writing a tell-all book about her kidnapping

Explaining to the girls that Jaycee was actually their mom and not their sister — as the Garridos had raised them to believe — was one of the more difficult aspects of their adjustment process. “These girls thought Nancy was their mom,” Jaycee’s stepfather, Carl Probyn, explains to OK! With the aid of therapists, Carl says that Starlit and Angel now understand the truth about their parents. “A whole team of therapists is helping and protecting them,” he reveals.

When they’re not in therapy sessions, Jaycee and her girls are trying to live as normal a life as possible. Jaycee enjoys going on bike rides and grocery shopping around her new town. Like most 30-year-old women, she loves shopping for clothes and occasionally indulges in a sweet treat at the local ice cream shop. Isn’t nice to know that she’s already adjusting to being an independent adult?

Can you believe Nancy Garrido wants Jaycee to visit her in jail?

Happy to have her daughter and granddaughters home, Jaycee’s mom, Terry, is thrilled to whip up home-cooked meals, which she never got to enjoy (while being held captive she lived off of rotting food and bugs).

Jaycee and her kids even took a family vacation in August! The Dugards loaded up their cars with supplies and camped out just 60 miles from the Garrido’s former house of horrors. While we await the release of her memoir next year, we are glad to hear that Jaycee and her children are settling into their new life of freedom. We hope they enjoy every minute of it!

–Amy L. Harper